hidden hit counter 2019 Mr. Olympia! Was Brandon Curry Deserved to be Mr. Olympia 2019? Facts behind his victory

2019 Mr. Olympia! Was Brandon Curry Deserved to be Mr. Olympia 2019? Brandon Curry’s Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brandon Curry made good on 2019 Mr. Olympia favorite, winning his first-ever title


The 36-year-old beat William Bonac to the top spot and the $400,000 main prize, per Derek Hall at FitnessVolt.com.

Hadi Choopan took third place, and Dexter Jackson and Roelly Winklaar rounded out the top five.

This year’s event was considered one of the most open in years because of the absence of seven-time winner Phil Heath and defending champion Shawn Rhoden.

Curry became the favorite to win after his victory at the Arnold Classic, where he beat the likes of Bonac, Winklaar and Luke Sandoe. He came into the event with plenty of confidence, as Generation Iron highlighted:


There were plenty of other contenders, however, including debutante Choopan. Per Generation Iron, the popular Iranian was handed a visa just a few weeks ahead of the event, and he more than held his own on the big stage, taking the People’s Champion title on top of his third-placed finish.

Jackson, the 49-year-old veteran and 2008 winner, did not make the final call-out group on the first day of competition but still placed ahead of Winklaar, who did.

Winklaar looked like one of the biggest men on stage, but his conditioning lagged a little behind that of Curry and Bonac. Curry’s legs were perhaps the least developed of any of the top five contenders, but his awesome combination of symmetry and conditioning more than made up for it.

Here is a look at the final group of Friday’s pre-judging, featuring four of the top five finishers:

Bonac and Choopan had their conditioning on point, and the latter in particular still has room on his frame to add size. It was a tremendous first showing for the 31-year-old, even if there was no beating Curry on Saturday.

This guy has been trying to compete in the US for 3 years but couldn’t get a visa because he’s from Iran. I’m so happy he was finally allowed to compete this year #PeoplesChampion#HadiChoopan #MrOlympia2019

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