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Dance Teacher’s Neck Snaps Back: Millie Slennett Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Millie Slennett Biography — Wiki

Millie Slennett is a young dance teacher who is lucky to be alive after landing on her neck while drunkenly attempting to recreate the iconic lift from Dirty Dancing. Slennet challenged her sister Rosie to see who could do the iconic dance move better during a family lunch at their parents’ Sydney home on Christmas Day.

Millie Slennett Age

Millie Slennett is 25 years old.

Millie Slennett’s neck snaps back in horror fall

After a ‘terrible’ attempt by her fashion designer sister, Millie thought she had the competition in the bag when she ran towards her boyfriend Conner Justin. Mr. Justin successfully lifted his girlfriend into the air above his head, but in a split second, she tipped over his shoulders and slammed into the ground face-first.

‘It all just went so quickly. When we were at the top, it felt like we were holding it for hours. I had my feet pointed, legs stretched. I thought we’d nailed it,’ Ms. Nicholes Lentz told The Sun.

‘I kept trying to lift my legs higher and then they got above my head. It went from fine to not fine within 0.3 seconds. I didn’t have time to realize I was falling until I hit the floor.’

Ms. Slennett’s sister Rosie, 19, stopped filming and rushed to help her and check if she still had the feeling in her limbs.

Millie Slennett, who was struggling to breathe comfortably, said it felt like she had broken all the ribs down her left side.

‘But 10 or 15 minutes after, the pain wasn’t getting better so we called an ambulance, and at the hospital, I could hear all the doctors walking around asking each other if they’d seen the video,’ she said.

What we know so far about Millie Slennett

Millie Slennett was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, where doctors were in disbelief she could still walk.

They closely watched the graphic footage of the fall to determine what parts of Ms. Slennett’s neck and spine were likely to have been injured.

Ms. Slennett admitted she was ‘lucky to be alive’ and discouraged others from attempting the classic dance moves out of the water and under the influence of alcohol. The part-time dance teacher said she was in pain the day after the accident but luckily escaped with just bruising.

She took to Instagram to update friends and family on her recovery and shared a photo of herself donning a neck brace.

‘Disclaimer – I’m fine, just very stiff and sore. #DancingGirlFail. Had to call an ambulance, spent five hours in ED with a neck brace, had a CT and got away with just some bad bruising,’ she said.

Ms. Slennett is ‘overwhelmed’ with how many messages she has received from friends and strangers telling her how lucky she is to still be able to walk. She said her father, who witnessed the accident, is ‘pretty traumatized’ and has been left with night terrors ever since.

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