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What You Don’t Know About NYC ATM-Attacked Victim: Miguel Solorzana Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Miguel Solorzana
Miguel Solorzana

Who is Miguel Solorzana?

Miguel Solorzana is named as the helpless man who was allegedly hacked in the head and leg in a startling by a hatchet-wielding lunatic, caught-on-camera ambush inside a Manhattan bank ATM on August 15 News outlets reported on Tuesday, August 17 that  The attack takes place on the midst of a rising crime wave in New York.

How old is Miguel Solorzana?

Miguel Solorzana is 50 years old as of the year 2021.

Miguel Solorzana NYC

Miguel Solorzana, 50, is the victim of Sunday’s horrifying hatchet assault.

He is a resident of Corona, Queens. He was still recuperating from the mind-boggling lunacy that led to his attack, while being treated at the Bellevue Hospital, according to the New York Daily News.

According to the sources, a suspect in Sunday’s horrifying assault was apprehended late Tuesday.

Miguel Solorzana Attacked

Around 5.20 pm, Solorzana was at an ATM at the Chase bank on Broadway near Morris St.

That was when the assailant, who was wearing a black mask over his face, strolled up behind him and then abruptly spun around and swung the hatchet at Solorzana’s leg. The Queens resident bravely tried to defend himself, clutching his rucksack in front of him, but the assailant shoves and holds him.

He then swang the hatchet at his head as the overwhelmed victim struggles to pry it away, as shown on film.

“It’s crazy,” a witness said to the Daily Mail. “People were shouting and we saw the guy laying down – a lot of blood.”

Miguel Solorzana Video

The victim, Miguel Solorzana, was sent to Bellevue Hospital for assessment.

The perpetrator is seen on surveillance videotape, nonchalantly going inside the facility with a series of ATMs, clutching a hatchet in his right hand. He then all of a sudden lunged at Solorzana, who appeared not to notice the attacker until he was under siege. “He hit me. In the bank, he hit me,” Solorzana said to the Daily News.

There was no other information about him accessible at the time.

Who Attacked Miguel Solorzana?

The suspect was shown stomping over to each of the bank’s ATMs after the attack. He broke the displays with his hatchet before dropping the weapon and walking away, according to the video.

Solorzana required two operations as a result of the gory attack, according to his friend Manny.

“The whole family is in Mexico,” Manny said.

“I didn’t ask him about what happened, I just wanted to make sure he’s okay.”

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