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Who is Missing Businesswoman: Melissa Caddick Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Melissa Caddick Biography — Wiki

Melissa Caddick is an eagle-eyed potential investor who reportedly escaped financial ruin after becoming suspicious of the account a missing millionaire provided to make a $250,000 deposit. Caddick left her home at Dover Heights, in Sydney’s east, on November 12 – just two days after authorities raided her home and seized her assets.

Caddick is the subject of an Australian Securities and Investments Commission investigation after allegedly defrauding investors of more than $13million in savings.

Melissa Caddick Age

Melissa Caddick is 49 years old.

Melissa Caddick went missing after becoming suspicious

More than 60 devastated clients who told ASIC they handed over their cash to Ms. Melissa Caddick now fear they may never get their precious life earnings back. But one woman and her husband were able to walk away unscathed after the wife suspected the financial adviser was running a scam, a court has heard.

Witness A said she and her husband, known as Witness B, were introduced to Ms. Caddick in mid-2019 by a ‘good friend’, a surgeon, who had met the financial adviser through a colleague, the affidavit said. The surgeon told Witness B Ms. Caddick had ‘doubled’ his colleague’s investments within 12 months and her services were exclusive, only taking on new clients if others dropped out.

Interested, Witness B contacted Ms. Caddick who said she could generate a 20-30 percent profit per year and would require a $250,000 deposit.

But his wife had ‘concerns that the ­account Ms. Caddick has asked for the initial transfer to be made did not look like a trust account,’ the affidavit said.

Witness A started doing research into Ms Caddick’s company, conducting an ASIC search on her ABN, ACN and the Australian ­Financial Services Licence number she provided, consequently learning her company Maliver had no current license.

When she contacted the companies linked to the AFSL numbers, Witness A was told none were associated with Ms. Caddick, the document states.

After becoming aware of this information, the couple decided against transferring Ms. Caddick their money.

Ms. Caddick had been the sole shareholder and director of Maliver and her disappearance has the job of securing investors’ money more difficult. She is accused of misusing tens of millions from investors in Maliver, which included a syndicate of Perth doctors.

Bombshell emails reveal how Melissa Caddick lured in clients through word of mouth

In an email to a prospective client on April 3 this year, missing businesswoman Melissa Caddick wrote: ‘I will take care of you’.

That’s because, unlike many of the unnamed investors who trusted Ms. Caddick with their money, she managed to get her $2.5 million investment back – plus $300,000 profit.  Emails and witness accounts lodged with the Federal Court give an insight into how Ms. Caddick allegedly ran her ‘wealth management’ company.

The documents can be revealed as receivers and liquidators were formally appointed over Ms. Caddick’s personal assets and business, Maliver Pty Ltd.

The receivers will have the power to take control of Ms. Caddick’s two multi-million dollar properties, in Dover Heights and Edgecliff.

One investor recalled meeting Ms. Caddick for the first time via a mutual friend while holidaying in Aspen, Colorado this past January.

They became friends, meeting up months later for coffee in Woollahra in Sydney’s east to discuss options. The investor even dined with Ms Caddick at her home.

In an email, Ms. Caddick allegedly told the investor to deposit her money into her Commonwealth Bank account, so she could apparently purchase shares on the investor’s behalf.

‘I will take care of you,’ Ms. Caddick said, according to court documents. ‘I am being cautious and taking opportunities when they present.’

Ms. Caddick allegedly sent the woman a ‘Financial Services Guide’ for Maliver which used another adviser’s financial services license.

After briefing the investor on the annual 0.75 percent fee she charged, Ms. Caddick then allegedly told the investor to pay up.

As Daily Mail Australia has previously reported, this investor allegedly only got her money back after she ran into the same financial adviser whose license Ms. Caddick was allegedly using, during a chance encounter at the dentist. The woman called Ms. Caddick to say she wanted the money back so she could buy a property instead.

Ms. Caddick later emailed her in August about the option of buying a property.

‘I know you love the property – just something to think about,’ Ms. Caddick allegedly said wrote, before running the client through a proposed investment.

Ms. Caddick was the company’s sole shareholder and director. But regulators no longer have the opportunity to interview her about what she knows.

The businesswoman went missing from her Dover Heights home on November 12.

That was two days after being raided by as many as 20 Federal Police officers and a further 20 ASIC agents over a 13 hour period, from 6 am to about 7 pm.

Authorities are investigating if Ms. Caddick may have intentionally runoff.

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