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Teenager Commits Suicide After Being Raped: Megan Younger-Watson Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Megan Younger-Watson
Megan Younger-Watson

Who was Megan Younger-Watson?

Megan Younger-Watson was a teenager who was reportedly found hanged after revealing she had been r*ped just hours earlier, an inquest heard. Megan was allegedly r*ped at a party after she spent the evening drinking and taking drugs with friends at a pub.

The inquest was told how Megan, who was described by her family as ‘beautiful, polite and funny’, was studying performing arts at Suffolk New College in Ipswich. They also heard she had been diagnosed with PTSD after an abusive relationship in her early teens.

She moved to Christchurch House for more independence while seeking help for anxiety and depression, which had led to her self-harming and attempting overdoses in the past.

How old was Megan Younger-Watson?

Megan Younger-Watson was 17 years old at the time of death.

Megan Younger-Watson Suffolk

A few days before she died, Megan was warned she may be evicted from the hostel due to concerns about her mental wellbeing, engagement with GPs and medication. Suffolk Coroner’s Court in Ipswich heard how Megan Younger-Watson was ‘distraught’ when she told friends of the attack as they walked home from the party in a flat.

Megan Younger-Watson Death

She was found dead the next morning in her room at supported housing accommodation hostel Christchurch House in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Megan Younger-Watson Killer

Detective Inspector Daniel Connick of Suffolk Police said the alleged r*pe had been investigated and a male suspect was identified after Megan’s death. He was never brought to court after the Crown Prosecution Service decided against bringing charges, the hearing was told.

He revealed that she had been in a same-s*x relationship at the time she died on February 16, 2019.

Megan Younger-Watson Family

Megan’s mother, Natashia Younger-Watson, told the inquest she felt more could have been done to protect her daughter on the night she died. The coroner also identified a number of missed opportunities’ on how to deal with Megan in her fragile state.

Megan Younger-Watson Cause of Death

The inquest heard on Tuesday how Megan’s medical cause of death was given as compression of the neck, consistent with hanging. Tests revealed she had taken cocaine, MDMA and Xanax – a drug used to treat anxiety – the previous evening, but her alcohol levels were below the legal drink-drive limit.

Suffolk senior coroner Nigel Parsley said Megan had also witnessed a violent mugging and had intervened to help the victim.

Megan Younger-Watson Autopsy

He said the incident outside the Grinning Rat pub in Ipswich where Megan and her friends had spent the evening would have added to the night’s trauma. Mr. Parsley recorded a conclusion of death misadventure,

He said Megan would have been ‘too distraught from the events of the previous evening to make any rational decision to end her own life’. The coroner also said that her mental health issues made her prone to impulsive acts.

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