hidden hit counter Maskless Woman at KFC Hops on Counter After Not Being Provided Food

Maskless Woman at Hops on KFC Counter After Not Being Provided With Food

Presenting You The Best Way To Order KFC Chicken

A woman at a KFC in California was filmed screaming at employees — and even jumping on the counter of the restaurant — after she was allegedly refused service for not wearing a mask.

The Kentucky-fried fiasco footage shows a maskless woman becoming aggressive with a female employee before quickly jumping on the counter and yelling, “Gimme something to f—ing eat! I’m hungry!”

The woman then directs her largely unintelligible rant at a male employee, at one point daring him to call the cops. She also threatens to “stab” the female employee if she doesn’t get “something to eat” immediately.

In the video, the woman clarifies her order (“mashed potatoes and chicken!”) despite being told that she won’t be provided with food services due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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