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Elderly BLM Protestor Sues Police (Shoved By Cops): Martin Gugino Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Martin Gugino
Martin Gugino

Martin Gugino Buffalo NY

Martin Gugino is a Black Lives Matter protestor from New York who allegedly suffered a fractured skull after being shoved to the ground by two Buffalo police officers during a Black Lives Matter protest last year. She is now the police, the city and the mayor.

How old is Martin Gugino?

Martin Gugino is 75 years old.

Martin Gugino Update

Attorneys for Gugino on Monday, filed the lawsuit in federal court, claiming that the man’s constitutional rights to freedom of speech, peaceful assembly and due process, among others, were violated during the incident that took place outside Buffalo City Hall on June 4.

The complaint names as defendants the City of Buffalo, Mayor Byron Brown, Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood, Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia, and police officers Robert McCabe, Aaron Torgalski, and John Losi.

Gugino’s lawsuit accuses the officers of pushing him without warning while enforcing what they described as an unconstitutional 8 pm curfew that had been imposed by the mayor, and the other defendants of trying to cover it up reported Buffalo News.

In the complaint, Gugino also argues that his rights to petition the government for a redress of grievance, movement, unreasonable seizures and freedom from the unlawful use of force by government agents, were violated.

The lawsuit seeks a jury trial and monetary damagesin an amount sufficient to punish them and deter others from similar conduct,’ reported NBC News.

Martin Gugino Video

A viral video captured the moment McCabe and Torgalski pushed Gugino to the ground and left him lying on the sidewalk with blood pouring from his right ear.

The lawsuit alleges that the third officer named as a defendant in the complaint, Losi, was the one who instructed McCabe and Torgalski to shove him, as the rest of the police team ‘yelled out in chorus, “push him, push him.”‘

Martin Gugino Condition

Gugino suffered a fractured skull and spent four weeks in the hospital recovering from his injury.

Martin Gugino Twitter

Buffalo police initially said in a statement that a person was injured when he tripped and fell,’ but following an outcry, Captain Jeff Rinaldo announced that an internal affairs investigation was opened, and Mayor Brown went on television to reassure the public that it was not their intention to mislead anyone.

Rogalski and McCabe are still suspended, pending an internal inquiry, WIVB reported, although they are now back on the payroll.

‘Look, I’m up, got a cane, no problem. I’m good,’ he said. ‘The city is not good’, Gugino said on Twitter.

Martin Gugino GoFundMe

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