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Who is Black Lives Matter Protester – Marquise Love Wikipedia

Marquise Love

Marquise Love is known as the Black Lives Matter protester who is accused of allegedly knocking out a driver in Portland during a chaotic demonstration over the weekend. More details about the 25-year-old emerged Wednesday as police continue to seek him in the alleged Sunday night attack on driver Adam Haner.

Love’s Facebook page says he lives in Portland but is originally from Miami, Florida

Love, who is originally from Miami, Florida, worked as a security guard for Star Protection Agency between January and March, the company’s COO Bryan Kettler told Fox News.

Photos on his since-deleted Facebook page show him posing with his young son in a Black Lives Matter T-shirt and DJing. He described himself as a “ramp agent” at Portland International Airport, though the airport said he hasn’t worked there for several years.

He worked for Menzies Aviation at the airport until July 2016, a Port of Portland spokeswoman told.

Marquise Love Accused of Attack in Portland

Love, who is also known as “Keese Love”, was caught attacking a man in the middle of the street Sunday night in Portland beatdown, according to authorities.

The footage shows Love coming behind a man, identified as Adam Haner, as he is kneeling in the street and kicking him in the face. The incident was widely circulated on social media.

The victim reportedly fell down to the ground and lost consciousness. He was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Marquise Love Footage

Victim’s girlfriend told local media that they were in his truck when he spotted a transgender woman who needed help in the mob. The group soon set their attention on the couple and a confrontation escalated until the victim got back in the truck and drove away. He crashed a short distance away and was dragged from the vehicle.

Love in a Snapchat post before his arrest

Video of the attack appears to show Love, who was wearing a tactical vest with “Security” emblazoned across, punching and kicking Haner. He then ran up behind him and kicked him in the face.

Marquise Love’s History Under Investigation

According to records provided to Fox News, Love has been arrested seven times since 2012.

Love was arrested twice in 2012 — once for second-degree theft, and for interfering with public transportation and criminal trespass. He was sentenced to 18 months probation and a $500 fine, of which $400 was later converted into community service. He still owes thousands in unpaid fines

In 2014, a Washington County court established Love’s paternity of a child in a domestic relations case and he also was charged with a probation violation in an unrelated case.

In 2015, Love was arrested for interfering with public transportation.

Love has also two separate arrests in 2016 for providing false information in connection with the transfer of a firearm, and domestic assault and criminal trespass.

He was has arrested in other counties throughout the state. He was convicted in Clatsop County in 2016 for driving without a valid driver’s license and without insurance.

In 2017, Love was arrested for domestic assault and domestic harassment. He wasn’t prosecuted, The New York Post reported, but a judge signed a protective order against him.

Love was most recently convicted there in February 2019 for failing to appear in court for driving with a suspended or revoked license.


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