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Who is Minnesota Trump Supporter: Mark Anthony Ulsaker Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Arrest and More

Who is Mark Anthony Ulsaker? Where is he from?

Mark Anthony Ulsaker is a man from Lino Lakes who identifies himself as a supporter of President Donald Trump. He is accused of attacking an elderly couple with a golf club over the weekend after he saw them standing at a street corner with a homemade Joe Biden sign.

Pictured: Mark Anthony Ulsaker

Witnesses called 911 after they saw Ulsaker allegedly attack the couple Sunday in White Bear Lake and then drive away, according to a criminal complaint.

How old is Mark Anthony Ulsaker?

Mark Anthony Ulsaker is 50 years old.

Mark Anthony Ulsaker

According to a criminal complaint, several witnesses called 911 around 3 pm after seeing a man, stocky and bald, attacking an elderly couple with a golf club in White Bear Lake.

Located at the intersection of Highway 96 and Centerville Road, the golf club broke during the attack, Ulsaker reportedly punched the elderly man in the head.

Ulsaker then retreated to his pickup truck, which was parked at a nearby Walgreens.

The elderly woman gave chase. When she approached the truck, the pickup drove toward her, hopping over a curb before speeding off on Centerville Road.

What we know so far

The victims were in their late 70s or early 80s. They told officers that they were just minding their business on the street corner with their homemade Joe Biden sign when the attack unfolded.

First, the man, later identified as Ulsaker, pulled up in his red truck and shouted “f— You!” at them, which they ignored. A moment later, the man was stomping toward them with a golf club.

Witnesses jotted down the man’s license plate number, and police found it was registered to Ulsaker.

Manhunt for Mark Anthony Ulsaker

Officers went to his home and tried to arrest him, but he initially resisted.

He swung a punch at the arresting officer, who blocked the blow and pushed Ulsaker away, the complaint states. The officer then pulled out his Taser and eventually got Ulsaker to comply.

Investigators noted that the officer suffered an injury to his right thumb.

Manhunt for Mark Anthony is a “Trump Supporter

In an interview with police, Ulsaker described himself as a “Trump supporter.” He said he got upset when he saw the couple’s Joe Biden sign, the complaint states.

During the interview, Ulsaker admitted to “flipping off” the couple, kicking over their sign, and swinging his golf club at them. The golf club broke when it hit the woman’s chair.

That is when the came, and Ulsaker punched him. He said that while he did drive his truck over the curb to scare the woman, he had no intention of running her over.

If convicted of all counts against him, Ulsaker could face up to 15 years in prison.

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