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What You Don’t Know About Colorado JetBlue Woman: Marina Verbitsky

Marina Verbitsky
Marina Verbitsky

A Chicago woman, named Marina Verbitsky, reportedly arrived at her terminal in Florida’s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Monday night with her husband and son, but they were too late.

At the time, the plane was about to take off. Verbitsky told an airline employee she needed to get on the plane because her son had school, a relative told the Chicago Sun-Times. But when told it was too late to board the flight, she started falsifying JetBlue employees with profanities, according to Fox News.

When employees said her checked luggage was on the departing plane, Verbitsky became angrier.

That’s when the woman told the airline employees her luggage contained a bomb, according to officials.

Who is Marina Verbitsky?

Marina Verbitsky is a Chicago native who reportedly missed her flight after her family was late arriving at the gate but went on to falsely claimed she had planted a bomb in her checked luggage in an apparent effort so that she could delay the flight as her son would not be late for school, authorities said to the news outlets.

Marina was with her husband and son at Florida’s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Monday.

How old is Marina Verbitsky?

Marina Verbitsky is 49 years old as of the year 2021.

Marina Verbitsky JetBlue Accident

The Verbitsky family was on the way to their home, Chicago tut the family members were late arriving at the gate at 8:45, and the flight was already taxiing to the runway with their checked baggage on board.

Verbitsky allegedly told JetBlue personnel that she needed to get on the plane, the Washington Post reports.

At that point, Verbitsky allegedly started berating the employees.

Marina Verbitsky Chicago

When she was told her checked luggage was already on the flight, she claimed there was a bomb in one of her bags.

They found nothing.

‘She became very angry because they were not allowed to board the plane,’ a Broward County sheriff’s deputy wrote. Verbitsky was promptly arrested, and the plane’s takeoff was delayed.

‘It was a mistake,’ a relative who asked not to be named told the Chicago Sun-Times.

‘She was nervous about the son needing to go to school. It was a mess, but it was definitely not meant to be.’

What We Know So Far

Verbitsky has family in the area, the Sun-Times reports,

However, it is unclear whether she was in the area to visit them.

All of the passengers were taken off of the flight and authorities with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office threat management unit scoured the plane for a bomb – and found nothing.

Verbitsky did not respond to phone messages late Wednesday.


Verbitsky is now facing a charge of false reporting concerning planting a bomb. Her bail was set at $10,000 – which she posted on Tuesday – and a Florida judge ordered her to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Court records do not list an attorney.

She is the second person accused of making a false bomb threat at the Fort Lauderdale airport.

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