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What You Don’t Know About Camorra’s ‘The Godmother’: Maria Licciardi Biography Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Maria Licciardi
Maria Licciardi

Who is Maria Licciardi?

Maria Licciardi is widely known as the Italian criminal who is famously connected with the Camorra, head of the Licciardi clan, and one of the bosses of the Secondigliano Alliance. The alleged female mafia boss has been arrested while trying to board a flight to the Costa del Sol to ‘visit her daughter’.

She was cuffed at Ciampino airport in Rome Saturday while attempting to fly to Malaga in southern Spain.

She was one of the most powerful bosses of the Camorra in the city of Naples from 1993 until her arrest in 2001.

How old is Maria Licciardi?

Maria Licciardi is 70 years old as of the year 2021.

Maria Licciardi Wikipedia

Licciardi was referred to as “The Godmother” by fellow Camorristi.

Born and raised in the Neapolitan suburb of Secondigliano, her entire family belonged to the Camorra. Licciardi’s husband, Antonio Teghemié was also in the Camorra. Licciardi rose to power and took over as head of the clan, after her two brothers, Pietro and Vincenzo, and her husband were arrested.

She was the first female Camorrista to become the boss of the Licciardi clan.

Maria Licciardi Arrested

Maria was arrested while queueing at the check-in desk by the Carabineros Corps – Italy’s military police.  Ms. Licciardi, known as ‘la piccoletta’ or the little one due to her small stature, was with two associates at the time

She is accused of mafia-type association, extortion, receiving ill-gotten funds and auction rigging.

Prosecutors allege she is the boss of the Licciardi clan, which was founded by her brother Gennaro in 1994.  The gang is said to be most active in Secondigliano, a peripheral and rundown neighborhood in Naples.

Ms. Licciardi previously spent eight years in prison before being released in December 2009.

Maria Licciardi Today

It comes after Italian investigators warned that its country’s mafias have been eyeing up business expansion in Spain.   General Giuseppe Governale, the anti-mafia director of Italy until 2020, warned that the influence of the Italian mafias was particularly prevalent in the Balearic Islands.

The Camorra has a known presence on the islands, which include Ibiza and Majorca, due to their strategic geographical position, which makes them a port of call for drugs coming from South America.

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Palermo prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi also warned mafias will take advantage of the pandemic to buy bankrupt companies in the tourism sector throughout the continent, particularly on the Spanish coast or in France.

Following the death of her brother, Ms Licciardi is said to have taken over the family clan and maintained control by bringing together an informal coalition of 20 other Camorra groups.

This allowed the mafia to expand control of Naples’ most lucrative rackets.

But this alliance fell apart in the year 2000 when a bitter and deadly feud with the Lo Russo family over an alleged heroin shipment spilled out on the streets of Naples – with more than 50 killings attributed to the row.

She would be jailed a year later before being released in 2009 and allegedly picking up where she left off.

Before being sent to prison, Ms. Licciardi, also known as ‘the godmother’, is alleged to have added prostitution to the Camorra’s business empire – despite it going against the organization’s code.

According to reports, the clan would buy women, many of them underage, from the Albanian mafia.

Ms. Licciardi has always shunned the limelight and has been described as charismatic.

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