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Who is Naked Florida Woman? What Happened To Her: Lyndsey Kennedy Biography, Wiki, Age, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and More

Lyndsey Kennedy
Lyndsey Kennedy

Who is Lyndsey Jane Kennedy?

Lyndsey Kennedy was a naked and disheveled woman who was reportedly rescued from a storm drain in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, by the Delray Beach Fire-Rescue Department, three weeks after she was reported missing. Kennedy was hospitalized following her rescue.

The Florida woman’s screams were heard by a passerby from underneath a grated drain near Atlantic Avenue and SW 11th Avenue.

How old is Lyndsey Kennedy?

Lyndsey Kennedy is 43 years old as of the year 2021.

Lyndsey Kennedy Missing News

According to the police, Kennedy had been reported missing on March 3 by her boyfriend. On Tuesday, March 23, she said she saw light and people walking past after having walked around the sewer system for three weeks and screamed for help. It is unclear whether investigators have confirmed Kennedy’s story.

What Happened To Lyndsey Kennedy?

According to reports, Kennedy told police that she went for a swim in a canal near her boyfriend’s house on March 3. While swimming, she said she came across a doorway near a shallow part of the canal and went through the door and spotted the tunnel.

She said she followed the tunnel which led to another tunnel. As she was exploring the tunnels, she said she realized she got lost.

Update: Lyndsey Kennedy Florida

According to CBS, Delray Beach Fire Rescue spokeswoman Dani Moschella said, “Traffic was rushing by and she was on her phone when she heard somebody screaming. When she looked down in the storm drain, there’s a woman down there.”The fire rescue crew removed the drain’s grate to get to Kennedy, who was naked. The crew members also said that she could not stand on her own.

Moschella said, “She wasn’t wearing any clothes, she was dirty and disheveled.”

According to reports, police reports stated that Kennedy appeared to be coherent and was not needed to be taken into custody

Lyndsey Kennedy Delray Beach

The police also contacted Kennedy’s mother, who said that her daughter has a history of mental illness and is a frequent user of illegal narcotics. She added that her daughter has a history of doing odd things and making bad decisions while she is high on drugs, according to the police report.

A mental health evaluation was done on Kennedy following her mother’s statements; the police report said Kennedy was “very lucid” when she was found. The report also stated that Kennedy is a methadone patient, and had her last dose on March 2, the day before she was reported missing.

While Kennedy was taken to a nearby hospital after she was rescued, reports say that sources close to the investigation claimed that Kennedy had been released from the hospital. Delray Beach Police spokesman Ted White led the initial investigation.