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Who is Italian Actor and Gym Instructor: Everything You Need To Know About Luca Franzese

Luca Franzese Biography – Wiki

Luca Franzese is identified as an Italian actor who appeared on Italian mafia crime drama Gomorrah, and was forced to request for helpline on Facebook after being trapped with his sister’s dead body for 36 hours while quarantined at his Naples home over coronavirus fears.

He is also said to be a gym instructor.

Luca Franzese Best Known For

According to reports, the Italian is best known for playing as a member of the ‘sciarmante’ gang in mob TV show Gomorrah.

Luca Franzese Sister, Teresa Franzese

The 47-year-old Teresa Franzese, identified as Luca’s sister, has tested positive for the coronavirus. after her death on Saturday.

His entire family were present in the house when Teresa died on Saturday. In the days after, another three people in his family had tested positive.

Teresa Franzese Death News

Luca has reportedly released a series of deos, appealing for funeral services to pick up the corpse of his sister who tested positive for the coronavirus after her death on Saturday.

Teresa suffered from a form of epilepsy and had developed symptoms of the killer COVID-19 virus earlier in the week, according to his brother.

In the video, Luca said: “I am making this video for the good of Italy, for the good of Naples”.

“My sister died last night, probably because of the virus, and I’ve been waiting for answers since last night”

“I’ve had to put myself in self-isolation”.

“I might have the virus”.


Teresa was the first person in Italy to have died at home from the coronavirus.

Her body was allegedly found by a local funeral home after Luca’s video went viral.

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