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What You Don’t Know About Viral Colorado TikToker: Logan Dorn

Logan Dorn
Logan Dorn

TikTok star Logan Dorn was reportedly seen in a viral video where he harassed a group of women because they were wearing bikinis at the beach recently. The clip, posted by TikToker @ggarbagefairy, showed a man approaching her at the Colorado beach who went on to be recognized as Dorn. Dorn complained that their outfits were too revealing.

The man was later heavily criticized by the internet, which made him post his side of the story as well. However, he only became the subject of further ridicule after he recalled how pornography “destroyed” him as a child.

Dorn was accused of trying to police what women should wear on the beach.

Who is Logan Dorn?

Logan Dorn is a Colorado native who seems to be a religious person, part of a band, and a basketball fan, according to his Instagram. sparked outrage across social media on Tuesday, September 9, after he shared a TikTok video. He was forced to turn off the comments section on his TikTok video, which went viral for all the wrong reasons.

His previous recent post includes an announcement of his engagement to now fiancée at the Lory State Park.

Logan Dorn has gained over 12,000 followers on the platform where he often posts music and basketball videos.

How old is Logan Dorn?

Logan Dorn’s age has not been revealed to the public yet.

Logan Dorn Beach Video

A girl who goes by the username @ggarbagefairy posted two videos in which she was harassed on the beach by Logan Dorn, who claimed that the swimsuits they were wearing were too revealing.

The original video saw Dorn telling two women that they should wear something that “covers [their] body.”

He went on to question why they were dressed that way, to which one of them replied:

“I’m at the beach and I’m in a bathing suit.”

After answering Logan Dorn, she asked him to leave them alone, to which he rudely clapped back that they were wearing a “thong and bra” and continued to call their clothing “p**nography”.

Logan Dorn TikTok Conversation

He continued:

“They don’t need to see p**nography, you’re flaunting your stuff.”

To which one of the women replied:

“Don’t look at me then, why are you looking at me? Close your eyes.”

The man argued that there is “free will in America” along with “freedom of speech”, which gave him the right to come to the women and state his opinion. He continued:

“If men of God don’t stand up, then our society is going to go down the drain.”

The women responded to this by claiming that they were atheists.

Logan Dorn continued:

“If you’re atheists that doesn’t mean you have to show your body off, you can still put clothes on… next time you come to the beach and there are young eyes, take that into consideration.”

Logan Dorn further lectured the women about modesty, suggesting that they wear a “one piece”, which would not show their body. He stated:

“There’s gonna come a day when you’re gonna have to come face-to-face with God.”

Logan Dorn Goes Viral

@loganvandorn explained that he was paddle boarding with his family by the beach, when one of the family members said that they had to go elsewhere as the women were wearing revealing swimwear.

What We Know So Far

Nonetheless, Dorn continued to double down in follow-up videos posted on his social media.

Logan Dorn ended his TikTok video stating that he will not apologize for his actions and will “continue to stand on the word of truth and God.” He also added that the society we live in is in a state of declining morality.


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As Logan Dorn continued to stand by his actions, he went on to be fired from Mighty Hand Construction.


Dorn also faced considerable backlash on Twitter. “Logan Dorn is the dudebro who gets to police women’s bodies. (Betcha he ‘hates’ the way groups like the Taliban treat women),” one Twitter user wrote.

“Logan Dorn of Colorado needs to shut the fuck up and sit down,” another added.

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