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Who is Florida Home Invasion Victim – Lisa Savey Wikipedia

Lisa Savey Home
Lisa Savey Home

Lisa Savey

Lisa Savey was a Florida woman who was fatally beaten by attacker Ezekiel Emanuel Hopkins with a baseball bat late Thursday while his husband, John Savey, and son, James Savey, were fatally beaten to death at their Windermere home, according to Windermere Police Chief David Ogden.

According to multiple reports, two men were killed while a woman was seriously injured in Windermere, Florida.

A 10-year-old boy hid in a bathroom during the attack and called police from a room nearby.

John Savey’s Car Stolen by Attacker Outside the Home

Ezekiel Emanuel Hopkins attempted to steal a vehicle parked outside John and Lisa Savey’s property when he was confronted by John Savey, according to local affiliate Fox 35 Orlando.

“He attacked John Savey, leaving him dead outside the residence. The defendant then went inside the residence and attacked Lisa Savey who had retreated into her home. The defendant also attacked John and Lisa Savey’s son, James Savey, leaving him dead inside the house”, Ogden said during a related press conference.

During the attack, the Saveys’ nephew, James, called 911 from a bathroom where he was told to hide by his grandmother, the outlet reported.

Ezekiel Emanuel Hopkins arrested in connection with the murder charges

John and his son, James, killed while Lisa Savey was hospitalized with serious injuries.

Attacker Found Unresponsive Inside Bathroom