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Mother carrying a stash of zip-ties at Capitol: Lisa Eisenhart Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Lisa Eisenhart Biography — Wiki

Lisa Eisenhart is the mother of Nashville bartender Eric Munchel who was pictured with her son in the Senate gallery during the Capitol riot in Washington D.C. last week, has been arrested. Authorities in Tennessee announced they had taken Eisenhart into custody.

Her son Eric Munchel was arrested last Sunday.

Lisa Eisenhart Age

Lisa Eisenhart is 57 years old.

Lisa Eisenhart arrested days after he attended the Capitol riot

Pictures of the duo Lisa Eisenhart and Eric Munchel went viral earlier this month after it was revealed that the pair had brought a stash of plastic cuffs along with them to the protest. Video footage clearly shows the pair holding the flex cuffs as they attempted to chase two cops inside the Capitol building.

Eisenhart was charged on Saturday with being in a restricted building without lawful authority, violent entry or disorderly conduct in the Capitol, along with a charge of conspiracy. ‘The left has everything: the media, organizations, the government. We have to organize if we’re going to fight back and be heard,’ she said to a newspaper at the time of the protests.

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