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Aboriginal Woman Slams Trolls About Her Ethnicity: Lily Hodgson Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Lily Hodgson
Lily Hodgson

Lily Hodgson Aboriginal

Lily Hodgson is an indigenous pilates instructor who is sick of being asked what ‘percentage’ Aboriginal she is due to her light complexion. Hodgson is often targeted by trolls questioning her right to celebrate her racial identity.

Ms. Hodgson works as a Pilates instructor and lives on the Central Coast of New South Wales

How old is Lily Hodgson?

Lily Hodgson, who posts TikTok videos under the account Thrlils about her cultural history, is 23 years old.

Lily Hodgson Responds To Critics

‘At what generation do you stop calling yourself Aboriginal? ten, five, or two percent? Will your grandchildren still be claiming to be Aboriginal?’ one wrote.

But the proud Wiradjuri woman hit back, calling them ‘uneducated morons’ and said being Aboriginal has nothing to do with skin color.

‘Let me guess, you’re one of the ones who solely and wholly believe Aboriginality is based on skin color,’ she said in a video addressing the comment.

‘My grandkids will not be claiming anything – they simply will be Aboriginal, Wiradjuri and proud.

‘You may see my face, but there are thousands of us with this sickening and saddening story that we have to keep telling whenever people like you question our Aboriginality.

‘I have said it countless times, but I will keep saying it until this country is educated enough to stop asking – we look like this because our families were raped and stolen.

‘If you cannot separate skin color from the culture you are a f**king moron.’

Lily Hodgson TikTok

The TikTok star from the NSW Central Coast earlier told Daily Mail Australia she felt the need to speak out after copping a ‘magnitude of bigotry’ on the platform.

‘It’s tiring that others feel the need to pressure me to explain myself or any other indigenous individual because the Aboriginal culture is seen as a skin color or a percentage,’ Ms. Hodgson said.

‘No matter what shade we are, we are faced with racism.’

Lily Hodgson Father

Ms. Hodgson said the issue is not new and impacts thousands, who re-experience past trauma every time they are attacked over their skin color.

‘People need to understand that you cannot, and do not have the right to dictate to a culture that was nearly wiped out, who is or who is not apart of that culture,’ she said.

‘I should not be attacked for knowing exactly who I am, or because of others’ ignorance and unwillingness to understand genetics, blood and family, or the fact the Stolen Generation happened.

Lily Hodgson Facebook, Instagram

It is not the first time in recent weeks Ms. Hodgson has been attacked for expressing her cultural heritage. Earlier this month, she was berated by social media users after she got a tattoo of the Aboriginal flag on her arm.

‘You are white! Stop pretending like you understand the struggle that a real Aboriginal has been through, quite insulting,’ one commenter said.

Responding to her critics in a video online, she said: ‘You don’t know that my father was part of the stolen generations and you don’t know that my aunts and uncles were beaten and raped.’

‘Being Aboriginal has nothing to do with my skin color. I have 60,000 years of blood within me.’

Her aunt Elizabeth Hodgson is an acclaimed author who wrote Skin Painting – a memoir that examines the struggles of Indigenous Australians.

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