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CCTV Shows Libby Squire’s Final Moments: Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Libby Squire Biography — Wiki

Libby Squire was a 21-year-old student who was stabbed to death by Pawel Relowicz before being rapped as CCTV has been released showing her last moments. Relowicz allegedly lured Ms Squire into his car as she walked through Hull’s student area while ‘drunk and vulnerable’ after a night out.

Libby Squire Age

Libby Squire was 21 years old at the time of death.

CCTV footage: What happened to Libby Squire?

Footage shown at Relowicz’s trial is said to capture the moment the defendant first spotted Ms. Libby Squire as she sat on a wall alone on Beverley Road. He then walked in the shadows in an attempt to avoid raising her suspicions, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

The prosecution says Relowicz ‘stalked’ Ms Squire from the opposite side of the street before ‘darting’ over to intercept her. He then drove Ms. Squire to the Oak Road playing fields where he raped and murdered her, the court heard.

According to the prosecution, the 10-minute long footage shows Relowicz ‘intercepting’ Ms. Squire after spotting her at the junction between Beverley Road and Haworth Street. The footage starts with what is believed to be Relowicz parked in Haworth Street, before stepping out of his Vauxhall Astra at 11.55 pm on January 31, 2019, and walking in the direction of Beverley Road.

At 11.57 pm, a red arrow (Relowicz) and a green arrow (Ms Squire), allegedly shows the two of them stood near each other at the bus stop at the junction with Beverley Road and Haworth Street. Relowicz can be seen walking away from Ms Squire and walking across Beverley Road in the direction of Beresford Avenue.

For the next few minutes, Ms. Squire can be seen wandering near to the bus stop and heading towards the nearby Endsleigh Centre.

At 11.59 pm, it is claimed Relowicz can be seen emerging from the direction of Beresford Avenue and walking up Beverley Road in the direction of the Endsleigh Centre on the opposite side of the road to Ms Squire. Ms Squire then disappears into the grounds of the Endsleigh Centre.

At exactly midnight, the figure believed to be Relowicz then crosses Beverley Road towards the entrance to the Endsleigh Centre.

The arrows showing the whereabouts of Ms Squire and the accused disappear, with the student reappearing from the entrance of the Centre at 12.01 pm.

Seconds later the red arrow emerges from the Centre’s entrance and moves towards Ms Squire, with the pair waiting a second or two then walking towards the bus stop. At 12.02 pm, the CCTV appears to show them near to the bus stop, before they walk down to Haworth Street.

The footage then cuts to CCTV in Haworth Street, where the lights on what is believed to be Relowicz’s Vauxhall Astra flash.

Moments later, the prosecution say Relowicz can be seen opening the driver’s door of the vehicle. It is claimed the defendant then sits in the driver’s seat with his legs facing to the side and out of the car, with his car door remaining open.

Ms Squire can no longer be seen.

At 12.05 pm another vehicle drives down Haworth Street, and past what is said to be Relowicz, with him standing up as it drives out of view of the camera. Relowicz then moves out of view towards Beverley Road.

The CCTV angle switches again to show Haworth Street from the opposite direction at 12.06 pm. A figure, believed to be Relowicz, can be seen walking near to the top of Haworth Street at the junction with Beverley Road.

Libby Squire can then be seen walking close by to him.

This part of the footage isn’t as clear, however, the prosecution say it shows the moment Ms Squire is seen getting into Relowicz’s car. However, at 12.08 pm, a headlight can be seen turning on, with the car pulling out and driving in the direction away from Beverley Road.

The CCTV footage then switches back to that in Haworth Street, and back to 12.07 pm, where prosecution says Ms Squire can be seen getting into the passenger’s side of Relowicz’s car. The red arrow, signalling the alleged movements of the defendant, show Relowicz opening the driver’s side door and sitting in the driver’s seat. The car’s headlights are turned on, and the car drives off away from Beverley Road.

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