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Who is Maryland Grocery Store Employee: Everything You Need To Know About Leilani Jordan

Leilani Jordan Biography – Wiki

Leilani Jordan (born in 1993) is identified as a grocery store employee from Maryland who wanted to keep working through the coronavirus pandemic, even though her job put her at risk. She had a disability, but she told her mom she wanted to continue working at Giant Food because she wanted to help people, CBS affiliate WUSA-TV reports.

She was 27 years old at the time of death.

Leilani Jordan Career

Jordan worked at the store in Largo, Maryland for six years as part of Giant Food’s disability program.

Her mother claimed Giant Food gave her a certificate marking Jordan’s six years of service at the store, as well as her last paycheck. “Twenty dollars and sixty four cents. My baby’s gone because of $20.64.

Leilani Jordan Death News

Jordan wanted to keep her consistency at serving COVID-19 patients. However, she spent her last day at work at March 16. Giant Food officials, on March 28, came to know that Jordan was sick. She was hospitalized with coronavirus symptoms.

CNN reported that Jordan had cerebral palsy. But despite testing positive for COVID-19, Jordan told her mother last month that she really wanted to keep working, especially because others weren’t showing up.

“Mommy, I’m going to go to work. I’m going to still go to work. I want to help”.

When she realized her daughter’s cough was getting more serious, she took her to Walter Reed Medical Center for treatment.

“When she got out of the car, she fell. She collapsed in the parking lot. When we got her, she had a 104-degree fever. We put her in isolation. She called me and said, ‘Mommy, I can barely breathe”.

Jordan was put in an isolation room on a ventilator, but she could not survive.

Leilani Jordan Family

“She told them: See you on the other side”, report says.

Jordan’s mother reveals at an interview with MSNBC that her daughter and her other staff were not provided gloves and that she had to bring her own hand sanitizer to work.

“What mother wants to lose their baby to a virus that we can’t see?” she said. “For $20.64 they could’ve bought a box of gloves to give them. They could’ve kept that paycheck. She did this from her heart, not for the money”.

Leilani Jordan ‘Giant Food’ and GoFundMe

“Our Giant Food family is mourning Leilani’s passing, along with her family, as she was a valued associate who has been part of our Giant Food family since 2016,” the statement reads. “Caring for associates in times of need is at the heart of our commitment to our associates.  We are committed to providing resources and support to Leilani’s family during this difficult time”.

Jordan’s family has made a website to memorialize her, writing that they are facing medical bills and need assistance caring for her service dog”.

They have started a GoFundMe to raise funds for medical bills and Jordan’s funeral.

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