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What You Don’t Know About Missouri Realtor: Leigh Ann Baumanaltor Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Leigh Ann Bauman
Leigh Ann Bauman

Who is Leigh Ann Bauman?

Leigh Ann Bauman is a glamorous Missouri realtor who is reportedly charged with plotting to pay a hitman to murder her mother-in-law allegedly sent a chilling text to her own daughter telling her that her grandmother would soon be dead.

Bauman was arrested in March after a former friend allegedly provided police with secret recordings of the blonde discussing her sinister plot.

How old is Leigh Ann Bauman?

Leigh Ann Bauman 74 years old as of the year 2021.

Leigh Ann Bauman Husband

According to court documents, Bauman – who a prominent realtor in the Lake of The Ozarks – divorced her ex-husband several years ago, and believed he and his mother, 74, were going to fight for custody of her two children. Bauman was released from prison on a $400,000 bond

She is awaiting trial on a charge of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

Leigh Ann Bauman Realtor

Bauman is a notable member of the Lake of The Ozarks community, and has touted her love of Botox, Trump and Jesus. On her Facebook page, Bauman describes herself as a realtor, an artist, an entrepreneur, and a ‘pistol packing cheer mom’. She frequently posts online about her ‘track record of success.’

Her LinkedIn account mentions an acting and modeling career, with appearances on Days of Our Lives and in a Nike commercial.

Leigh Ann Bauman Lake Ozark

On Tuesday, a Miller County judge granted Bauman’s terrified former spouse an order of protection for himself and his children. ‘My daughters, my family and I have endured so much emotional and psychological damage from Leigh Ann Bauman’s actions over the past 15 years,’ Bauman’s ex wrote.

‘She has made numerous threats to destroy me, personally and professionally’.

Bauman’s ex claims that she drinks heavily, previously pulled a gun on a pizza delivery driver, and subjected him to physical and emotional abuse.

The petition also included a claim that Bauman had sent a text to her daughter prior to her arrest which read: ‘Just because your grandma WILL die soon, please do not throw your REAL mother under the bus.’

Bauman’s mother-in-law still fears for her safety after becoming the target of the alleged murder-for-hire plot.

‘I’m scared to death… she wouldn’t hesitate to hurt her daughters to get even with me, and she wouldn’t hesitate to hurt my children because she knows it would destroy me,’ the mother-in-law stated during an initial hearing after Bauman’s arrest in March.

Leigh Ann Bauman Missouri

Prior to her arrest, the blonde bombshell began dating Italian powerboat racer Serafino Cazzani, 61, who is vehemently standing by her.

‘She often cooks for her elderly neighbors, helps them clean up, and even drives them to church…  She may not be perfect but she clearly is kind, has a good heart, and is well intended,’ Cazzani cooed in an interview with The Daily Beast.

Indeed, Bauman has amassed a loyal crew of supporters who say the former friend who reported her to the cops cannot be trusted.  Cazzani claims the friend-turned-informant – identified only as ‘CK’ in court documents – ‘encouraged, betrayed, and entrapped’ Bauman by recording her when she was intoxicated.

‘You’re drunk with your friend one night and say, “Yeah I hate my boyfriend.

” Next thing you know the friend goes to the cops and says: “She’s planning a murder,” Cazzani stated.

Leigh Ann Bauman Arrested

A probable cause statement on that case claims CK  ‘has many aliases on her criminal history report with two social security numbers’ and that she ‘holds three citizenships’. Bauman’s supporters say CK manipulated the Missouri realtor by recording her in an attempt to ‘gain leverage’ in her own pending criminal case’.

Bauman initially approached CK because she had gone to pick up her children but they reportedly refused to go with her, according to court documents seen by 13KRCG.   Prosecutors say Bauman texted CK asking : ‘Do you know anybody?’

CK replied asking Bauman if she was asking where to get marijuana but Bauman allegedly replied, ‘No, I want a hitman, somebody to get rid of her [her mother-in-law]’. After CK asked Bauman if she was serious, the realtor replied saying ‘she knew it was wrong as a Christian”.tw

On a subsequent evening, Bauman is said to have called CK asking her to come over to her house.

CK recorded a conversation in which they claimed to have found the hitmen Bauman requested.

‘Oh okay, that’s a reasonable price,’ Bauman is alleged to have said after finding a killer-for-hire for $1,500.

Bauman told CK that she would go to the bank the following day – March 4 – but she was interviewed by troopers after CK informed on her.

Court documents say she ‘gasped’ and blamed everything on CK claiming she was a ‘hustler’ who was trying to get money from her.

She also called her friend, the mayor of Lake Ozark Gerry Murawski – who is also in hot water after admitting to having sex with a young prostitute in 2015.

Bauman reportedly left partway through her police interview for a Botox appointment.  When she returned, she denied planning to have her mother-in-law killed. Despite protesting her innocence, she was taken into custody and arrested.

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