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Drunk Woman Twerking on a McDonald’s Counter: Layla Cheyne North Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Layla Cheyne North Biography — Wiki

Layla Cheyne North is a drunk teenager who climbed a McDonald’s counter and twerked as cops tried to arrest her then locked herself in a bathroom, bragged about her antics online. North was charged with public nuisance for the inebriated stunt in Dalby, southwest Queensland.

The next day, she was arrested again after assaulting police officers outside one of the town’s local pubs.

Layla Cheyne North Age

Layla Cheyne North is 18 years old. She was caught dancing during the early hours of November 20.

Layla Cheyne North goes viral after twerking on McDonald’s counter

The incident at the fast-food chain made headlines and was shared on the local newspaper’s Facebook page days later. But despite being the butt of the joke, North took to the comment section of the story to brag about her behavior.

‘Just wanted to get a bucket and mop for this wap and ended up with a court date instead,’ she wrote, referring to the explicit song by rapper Cardi B.

North pleaded guilty to seven charges including public nuisance, wilful damage, and assaulting and obstructing police. She was sentenced to 40 hours of community service and fined $200 in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on Thursday, with no conviction recorded, the Courier-Mail reported.

Layla Cheyne North: When it all began?

Layla Cheyne North’s drunken antics began about 12.30 am when she repeatedly twerked and did handstands a the front of the shop, the court heard. She then grabbed a mop and began cleaning the floor before jumping on the McDonald’s counter, where she continued to dance as police arrived.

After making numerous requests for her to stop, staff called the police, and the teenager locked herself in the store’s bathroom to avoid being arrested.

The next day police encountered North again outside the Criterion Hotel in Dalby where she was again a public nuisance.

She assaulted and obstructed a police officer and damaged a watchhouse cell after being arrested, the court heard.

While in custody, she smeared food she was offered on the cell’s walls and covered the camera with toilet paper.


Her defense lawyer Michael Riedel argued she was struggling with personal issues at the time.

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