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Bitcoin Millionaire & French Blogger Commits Suicide: Laurent Bachelier Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Who was Laurent Bachelier?

Laurent Bachelier was a French blogger who killed himself in a luxury Paris hotel room on the day he bankrolled the far-right Capitol Hill rioters, MailOnline can reveal.  A source close to the Paris police confirmed that ‘no crime was committed’ in connection with the death of Bitcoin millionaire Bachelier.

Mr. Bachelier rented a room at the Hyatt Regency Etoile Paris several days before he is believed to have taken a drug overdose on December 8, having funded the mob who stormed Congress in Washington with a $520,000 donation.

How old was Laurent Bachelier?

According to his date of birth, Laurent Bachelier was 35 years old at the time of death.

Laurent Bachelier Death

A source close to the police investigation into the death told MailOnline: ‘Mr. Bachelier was found in a room at the Hyatt Regency by a member of staff. He had been dead some time.’  For the past eight years, the computer programmer had suffered from trigeminal neuralgia.

For just a few miles away at his first-floor boutique apartment in a narrow street just off the bustling Avenue de Clichy in the northern suburbs of the French capital, lay the nerve center of Bachelier’s cyber-crime operation which provided his ill-gotten fortune in Bitcoin.

His method was to blackmail and troll victims online, using his formidable skills to ‘enrage, threaten’ and expose anyone who expressed opposing views to his clients. His donation to the DC insurrectionists included some $250,000 to white supremacist Nick Fuentes, in the days leading up to the January 6 outrage.

Laurent Bachelier Cause of Death

Laurent Bachelier committed suicide just hours after making the huge cash gift, in the form of 28.15 Bitcoin, from the central hotel room last month. His suicide note appeared on December 9, one day after his donations were recorded on a publicly available blockchain.

In his suicide note, Bachelier said his body felt ‘three times my age’ and was a ‘prisoner of my body’ who was ‘interested in what an autopsy will reveal’.

His suicide was confirmed by local official sources, while his brother, Fabien Bachelier, confirmed his death and said enquiries were ongoing.

A local official source in Paris confirmed there was an ongoing enquiry into his death, which would include an autopsy.

What we know so far about Laurent Bachelier

Both his parents and brother declined to comment on Bachelier’s death or his possible involvement with the Capitol riot in Washington DC.

At the time of his death, Bachelier worked as a data manager at GeneatNetSA, specialising in Python development, data retrieval and analysis – a job he had held since 2014. Like most computer experts in Paris, he had been working at home during the coronavirus pandemic since March last year.

Neighbours at his flat with its brightly-painted front door atop a polished wood stairway have described the talented computer programmer as a short man, civil but reserved, who travelled around the French capital by bicycle.

Laurent Bachelier Early Life, Education, Family

Laurent Bachelier was born in the University city of Aix-en-Provence, in the heart of the picturesque Provence region in the south of France, in 1985. Bachelier flourished at maths and computer science at school.

Early in his life, Bachelier’s family moved from Aix-en-Provence to Toulouse where he and his brother attended local schools, the Lycée Saliege and the Lycée Bellevue. Flourishing in maths and computer science as a teenager, he went on to study computer engineering at the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse.

He also studied advanced Mathematics and Computer Science from 2006 to 2007 at ESIGETEL in Toulouse. During that period he was surrounded by like-minded ‘techies’ who shared his enthusiasm for programming and desire to flourish in the exploding online world.

His first job was as a web developer at the French tech firm Theodo, before moving on to create new software that enabled access to the web without using a browser – weboob, with friends at the start-up Budget Insight before moving to Geneanet.

Laurent Bachelier Blogger

Monsieur Vigouroux added: ‘As for his political opinions, I always thought he was libertarian but he was very discreet about his politics in professional circles.

‘He was much looser in his opinions in his personal blogs.

‘But only a few of us knew them and we considered that he was trolling people, which corresponds to his biting character.’

Laurent Bachelier Bitcoin

Bachelier was among the first in France to invest in Bitcoin which launched in 2009, realizing the untraceable web-based currency provided the perfect way for him to conduct his clandestine business dealings. The programmer became a member of the Bitcoin Paris Group in March 2013.

Members would meet up for drinks once or twice a year, although Bachelier rigorously refused to be captured in group photos

‘There is only one photo of Laurent on the internet,’ a friend told MailOnline.

It was about this time that Bachelier began to turn to the dark side by offering his trolling services – to be paid, of course, in Bitcoin.

He wrote: ‘What I would like the most is doing stuff like responding to idiotic comments or articles, for examples [sic] about Bitcoin. There are many in the French press, and I have responded to some rather well.

‘Price: 0.005 Bitcoin per post, i.e. 1 Bitcoin gives you 200 posts.

‘This price is indicative; some people will have a ‘pay what you feel it’s worth’ deal.

‘I also give free trials to people with enough reputation provided they give public feedback (positive or negative).


· If I get banned before some something results you’ll get a reduced price

· I am not selling my identity, I am selling content, you are not buying sock puppets

· I reserve the right to refuse offers though I have little interest for political correctness.’

Bachelier benefited from the wild fluctuation in the price of the cryptocurrency.

In June 2013, when the hacker announced he was a troll for hire, one Bitcoin was worth $100. In December 8th 2020, when he gifted his fortune to America’s far-right figures, one Bitcoin was worth $18,518.52.

Laurent Bachelier Death Note

In his suicide note, Bachelier talked about the ‘decline’ of western civilization and lamented the ‘rejection of our ancestors and our heritage’, in which he asked his best friend Romain Bignon to organize his affairs.

As well as his health problems, he explained he has suffered from severe depression for years and adds that he ‘decided to bequeath [his] modest fortune to certain causes and certain people’, in a kind of cyber will.

An investigation by Chain analysis, which specializes in digital currency money laundering and fraud, found that the Frenchman had sent 28.15 Bitcoin, worth about $522,000 to 22 addresses, including many belonging to American far-right activists and organisations.

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