hidden hit counter Arkansas Police Chief: Lang Holland Biography, Wiki, Age, Resignation, Parler, Facebook, Twitter and More
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Arkansas Police Chief: Lang Holland Biography, Wiki, Age, Resignation, Parler, Facebook, Twitter and More

Lang Holland Biography — Wiki

Lang Holland is an Arkansas police chief who has resigned after he posted messages calling for violence against Democrats over the 2020 presidential election, the city’s mayor announced on Saturday. He has threatened to shoot BLM and Antifa protesters and warned of ‘death to all Marxist Democrats’.

Pictured: Lang Holland

Holland left his role as Marshall’s Chief of Police after the comments surfaced online over the weekend, ABC7 reports.

Lang Holland resigns after violent posts

The violent posts appeared Friday on the platform called Parler, Parler, an unfiltered right-wing social media app, echoing President Trump’s unfounded claims that Democrats are stealing the election.

They were all posted under the name and photo of Lang Holland. The city’s mayor confirmed the account belonged to Holland.

When asked about the violent posts, Holland at first claimed they were fake. But Marshall Mayor Kevin Elliott called Holland in for a meeting after seeing the violent posts himself on Saturday.

Lang Holland apologized for the posts and then resigned, Elliot announced.

What comments Lang Holland made over Joe Biden’s win

In July, Holland blasted Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) for issuing a mask mandate, insisting he wouldn’t enforce it and suggesting it would lead to the United States becoming a “failed communist state.

The posts, made under Holland’s name claimed that Trump was the victim of a coup.

“Do not forget what these Marxist Democrat b——- have tried to do. When you see one in public get in their face do not give them peace,” said one since-deleted post shared on Twitter.

It added, “Throw water on them at restaurants. Push them off sidewalks. Never let them forget they are traitors and have no right to live in this Republic after what they have done.”

Another Twitter post including president Barack Obama

Another since-deleted post that included a photoshopped image of former president Barack Obama, 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in orange prison jumpsuits, wrote:

“I pray all those in that picture hang on the gallows and are drawn and quartered!!!!” the post said. “Anything less is not acceptable.” The posts quickly drew notice, with some tagging the local FBI office.

Kevin Elliott liked Lang Holland…

Holland had been the police chief in Marshall, a northern Arkansas town of about 1,300, for two years, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

After a decorated career as a deputy, including being shot in the line of duty, he had previously been the “best police chief that I’ve ever seen” in Marshall, Elliott told the paper.

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