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Melvin Martin Jr’s Girlfriend’s Body Parts Discovered By Family in a Duffel Bag

Ladawndra Ellington

Ladawndra Ellington is identified as the girlfriend of a Kentucky man, Melvin Martin Jr, who was reportedly discovered by Martin’s family in a duffel bag, according to law enforcement authorities.

Pictured: Ladawndra Ellington

Ellington, 31 and of Louisville, Kentucky, was found in a duffel bag allegedly carried on a Greyhound bus by her Kentucky-based boyfriend who traveled to south suburban Markham to visit his parents.

Ellington was Martin’s girlfriend, and the couple lived together in Kentucky, police said.

What Actually Happened With Ladawndra Ellington?

Melvin Martin Jr. is accused of killing his girlfriend, who was identified by authorities, and dismembering her body last month, according to the Jefferson County coroner’s office.

30-year-old Martin allegedly transported most of her body parts in duffel bags aboard a bus to Markham, a suburb of Chicago, to visit family, said Terry White, police chief in Markham, Illinois.

The family eventually discovered the remains nearly a month after 31-year-old Ellington died, White said.

When he arrived in Illinois on Sept. 11, Martin brought the bags containing Ellington’s dismembered body parts.

After Martin went to the Markham Public Library, a family member opened one of the bags and saw a human leg and calf sticking out, police said. The body parts had been wrapped in plastic.

After smelling a foul odor from the luggage that was in the garage, Martin’s mother called 911, which eventually led to Martin’s arrest at the library without incident, White said.

Ladawndra Ellington’s Dead Body Under Investigation

Martin confessed and told authorities where the rest of Ellington’s body could be found.

Louisville Metropolitan Police Department Sgt. Lamont Washington confirmed in an emailed statement that Louisville-area authorities had found part of Ellington’s body in Louisville’s Bingham Park.

The Jefferson County, Kentucky, Coroner’s Office confirmed to CNN the dismembered body was that of Ellington.

Martin was taken into custody while at the library. Law enforcement from Louisville traveled to Illinois to interview the suspect, police said. After initially resisting, Martin is now cooperating with law enforcement.

Martin’s family could not immediately be reached for comment.

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