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Homeless black man fatally shot by California deputies identified as former bodybuilder and father-of-two

Kurt Reinhold

Kurt Reinhold was a black California man who was fatally shot Wednesday by an Orange County sheriff’s deputy after he grabbed a deputy’s gun during a struggle near the Hotel Miramar, authorities said.

Pictured: 42-year-old Kurt Reinhold with his kids

Family photos posted on Facebook show Reinhold, a father of two, smiling and hugging his elementary school-age son and daughter.

It is not clear whether he was still in a relationship with his kids’ mother Latoya, an LA-based nurse practitioner from St Louis, Missouri.

Police said Reinhold was homeless and had moved to the Southern California town from nearby Los Angeles in the past month.

Protests broke out in San Clemente, California, on Thursday after Reinhold was allegedly shot and killed.

Kurt Reinhold BUSTED By California Deputies

Two deputies from the sheriff department’s Homeless Outreach Team encountered a man, later identified as former bodybuilder Kurt Andras Reinhold, about 1:12 pm near the Hotel Miramar, Sheriff Don Barnes said in a news conference.

In a recorded video of Wednesday’s shooting, two sheriff’s deputies can be seen confronting Reinhold in the middle of El Camino Real as they wrestle him to the ground.

A voice can be heard, which was of a deputy’s, yelling, “He’s got my gun”. Two shots can also be heard in the video, which was first posted by Local Story, Sheriff Don Barnes said in a news conference.

One of the deputies shot twice, which struck Reinhold. The deputies tried to provide medical treatment to him but he was announced dead at the moment, Barnes said.

Kurt Reinhold stopped by cops for jaywalking in San Clemente

Kurt Reinhold’s Death Under Investigation

It is still unclear if Reinhold completely unholstered the weapon.

According to the protocol, an investigation has been launched by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

The two deputies, who have not yet identified, are placed on administrative leave. They are 8- and 13-year veterans of the force and are homeless liaison officers assigned to the Homeless Outreach Team.

The encounter was captured in a surveillance video, but Barnes said it would not be released at this time, citing the ongoing investigation and pending interviews with witnesses.

A neighbor told DailyMail.com Reinhold was a ‘lovely man’. Reinhold was religious, describing himself online as an ‘Apostolic Christian’, his neighbors claimed.

At least five protesters were taken into custody when about 50 people demonstrated at the site of the killing.

They chanted, “No justice, no peace” and said the deputies didn’t need to use deadly force on the man.

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