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What You Don’t Know About Khabib Nurmagomédov

Khabib Nurmagomédov

Who is Khabib Nurmagomédov?

Khabib Nurmagomédov is a retired MMA fighter from the autonomous region of Dagestan in Russia. Having cut a swathe through the UFC’s lightweight division he retired in March 2021, deciding to call time on a career that could no longer be guided by his father and mentor, Abdulmanap Nurmagomédov, who sadly passed away.

Having spent his formative years in such a remote region of Russia it is amazing that the man known by UFC fans as Khabib managed to reach the heights he did, proving time and again that he was streets ahead of the competition, such as men like Conor McGregor. Here we take a look at some of things you may not know about this MMA legend who always delivered for fans and sports bettors.

Khabib Nurmagomédov

Khabib’s strong wrestling and grappling background meant he was a nightmare for any MMA fighter to deal with as soon as he took them to the canvas

He Used to Back McGregor

Few people realize that Nurmagomédov used to be a huge McGregor fan back before the two became sworn enemies, meaning the Russian was once just as likely to tip the Irish fighter’s betting odds as any other fan back in the day.

Of course, by the time fate brought the two warriors together it was Khabib who was the favorite in the UFC/MMA betting odds and among online tipsters – billing which he lived up to by silencing McGregor in emphatic fashion.

He is a Polyglot

Many UFC fans warmed to Khabib because of his down to earth demeanor as well as his ruthless fighting style, but another thing that charmed American audiences was his willingness to learn English.

Perhaps it is unsurprising that he learnt quickly because he can speak six languages including Turkish, Russian, Avar and Kumyk. He is also working at improving his Arabic! Who knows, maybe a comeback in the Middle East could be in the offing.

Khabib made his UFC debut in January of 2012 and never looked back, remaining unbeaten until he retired a decade later

He Toyed with Working Nightclub Doors

Life for an up-and-coming MMA fighter is not always easy, as the hard grind of training and travel can leave some athletes scraping around to make ends meet.

That was the case with Khabib, who toyed with the idea of becoming a nightclub bouncer before then getting his big break in the UFC.

His Walkout Song is Called “Dagestan”


Sabrine Kors is a Russian songstress whose track “Dagestan” was the perfect fit for the most famous fighter to come out of either Dagestan or mother Russia.

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