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What You Don’t Know About Adam Perkins’ Ex-Boyfriend: Kelton Elliot Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Kelton Elliot
Kelton Elliot

Who is Kelton Elliot?

Born in 2000, Kelton Elliot is a bright theatre artist carving a career out of the industry as an on-camera actor. On January 1, 2020, the 21-year-old moved to Los Angeles in “a self-built camper van, houseless, and knowing absolutely no one.” He and Adams Perkins were in a long-term relationship.


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Kelton Elliot Biography

In 2019, he graduated from Arts & Communications Magnet Academy in Portland, Oregon with a decent GPA, a theatre endorsement, and seven years of theatrical and musical training. He has shared many slices of his high school experience.

He wrote on his website, “In my time at Arts & Communications Magnet Academy, I was cast in over 10 musicals and straight plays, and I raised $2000 for my theatre company while starting a fund for future student directors when I directed my own play in my junior year.”

Kelton Elliot Wikipedia

After serving in student government for seven years, he ended up as student body treasurer.

He is elected by the students of ACMA to be next year’s Student Body President. “Doing the best I can for this school in efforts to make it a more celebratory and supportive environment is about to be my life mission for the next year, and I’m READY,” he posted in 2018.

Kelton Elliot Actor

Kelton Elliot loves playing the guitar, is passionate to stay fit, and video editing. “Acting is my passion and choosing this career is the only choice I’ve ever made that has been indisputably correct,” he said in a post.

Calling himself an “independent spirit”, he has made quite a mark over millions with over 6M+ views on YouTube and over 300,000 views for his self-created TikTok content. On his 18th birthday, he penned down his feelings in a post: “I just turned 18 and I can’t stop thinking about how SERIOUS everything is now???

In August 2020, he starred as the love interest of a cheating girlfriend in The Kid Laroi’s single ‘Selfish’.

On his website, Elliot shared his feelings about his approach to acting and said, “When picking a monologue, I’m seeking something I can relate to; I’m looking for a bit of truth in the writing that speaks to me so that when I read to a camera, it feels honest and easy to suspend my own disbelief without a scene partner to help… I’ve been taught to find at least one moment of joy somewhere in the text. You can always find a ‘happy bit’ — even if it’s a nostalgic moment in an otherwise depressing eulogy or admittance of love in a break-up.”

Adam Perkins Death

Kelton Elliot and Adam Perkins were in a long-term relationship but he was not the only one Elliot loved. In a quirky Instagram post, he wrote, “Love this car more than I’ve ever loved any boyfriend (her name is a skinny legend).”

On April 13, 2021, his twin brother Patrick Perkins shared the news with the world. “My brother, Adam Perkins, passed away this previous Sunday, 4-11-21…” he wrote in a beautiful tribute, ending with “1997 — forever!”

Adam Perkins Kelton Elliot

If his twin’s tribute was heartbreaking to read, his ex-boyfriend’s intimate note was much tougher to deal with.

Kelton Elliot wrote on his Instagram account: “This past weekend my forever best friend and ex-boyfriend passed, and I’ve been devastated. We spent almost every day and night in 2020 and 2021 together in our little home until I temporarily relocated to Oregon.”

“We were there for each other during the hardest year of our lives.”

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