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What You Don’t Know About Matthew Stafford’s Wife: Kelly Stafford

Kelly Hall
Kelly Hall

NBC wanted to show a split view of Matthew Stafford playing in his first game with the Rams as his wife Kelly looked on. There was only one problem: The woman they put on screen was not Kelly Stafford.

NBC eventually realized the mistake later in the second quarter, with play-by-play broadcaster Al Michaels pointing out that Kelly Stafford is wearing the yellow shirt with the No. 9 on it.

“We go at warp speed here. When Matthew looks at the tape of this game, and he goes:

‘That’s not my wife.’ We had somebody else on before,” Michaels said on the broadcast.

Who is Kelly Stafford?

Kelly Stafford is widely known as the wife of Matthew Stafford who was wrongly identified by NBC during a game between Los Angeles Rams and Chicago Bears on ‘Sunday Night Football.’ The accident happened after the network zoomed in on the wrong woman while trying to catch Matthew Stafford’s wife’s reaction.

The mistake was made by NBC in the second quarter as they looked to pull the classic “wife watching her husband on the field” bit during the game. While the woman they chose to show via a split-screen between Stafford and his ‘wife’ had blonde hair and seemed to be rooting for the Rams, it was not Kelly Hall, the athlete’s spouse.

How old is Kelly Stafford?

Kelly Stafford is 30 years old as of the year 2021.

Matthew Stafford Wife

Hall is a pretty well-known face at this point given that she has been in the headlines for the past few years as she recovered from a brain tumor and openly criticized Covid-19 safety protocols.

In the latter half of the second quarter, NBC eventually realized the mistake, and broadcaster Al Michaels pointed out that Hall was the woman wearing the yellow shirt with the No 9 on it.  “We go at warp speed here.”

“When Matthew looks at the tape of this game, and he goes, ‘That’s not my wife.’

Matthew Stafford Kelly Hall

The on-air gaffe left Twitter in splits. “NBC really zoomed in on a random white woman and said it was Matthew Stafford’s wife I’m dying,” one said while another noted, “‘As Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly looks on…’ Who’s going to tell @CollinsworthPFF?” A third added, “Ummm, that definitely is not Matthew Stafford’s wife. AWKWARD.”

One more quipped, “Y’all tell Al Michaels this isn’t Matthew Stafford’s wife.”

Another remarked, “OMG NBC showed the wrong woman as Matthew Stafford’s wife. Yikes.”

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The next commented, “Bold move by Matthew Stafford to have both of his wife’s at the game tonight.”

Kelly Stafford Instagram


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Nonetheless, the woman is actually a friend of the couple’s, and the real Kelly Stafford was standing right next to her.

The pair were immersed in a conversation when NBC pointed them out.

The mistake quickly caught the attention of fans, along with NBC, which found Stafford’s wife and correctly identified her on the broadcast. The internet still pounced on the opportunity to grill the network.

What We Know So Far

Meanwhile, the real Kelly Stafford has not publicly acknowledged the mishap.

Kelly Stafford Children

Though, she did share a game-day photo to her Instagram Story with the couple’s four children — twin daughters Chandler and Sawyer, born in April 2016, 3-year-old daughter Hunter and one-year-old Tyler.

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