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Actress Accuses BBC Host Emma Barnett: Kelechi Okafor Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Kelechi Okafor Biography — Wiki

Kelechi Okafor is an actress who refused to appear on Woman’s Hour this morning after accusing host Emma Barnett of making ‘degrading and vile’ comments about her. Okafor was set to talk on the BBC Radio 4 show to discuss the #MeToo movement with new presenter Emma Barnett.

But as the program was live on air, the British actress revealed she had come off the show, writing: ‘Because what I’ve just had to witness is absolutely degrading and vile.’

Kelechi Okafor Age

Kelechi Okafor has not publicly revealed her age yet.

Kelechi Okafor refuses to appear on Woman’s Hour after accusing host Emma Barnett

Posting a video to Instagram, Ms. Kelechi Okafor said: ‘I won’t be going on Woman’s Hour now. The host didn’t realize her mic was on as she was talking s*** about me to the producers.’  She added on Twitter: ‘The host didn’t realize her mic was on as she was talking about me before the interview started is all I’m going to say.

‘You can have a genuine concern about something you’ve been told about me and address it in a manner that is kind. That wasn’t what took place.

‘I and the other people who would be talking during the segment could hear me being talked about like a d******d.’

Barnett took over Woman’s Hour on Monday, replacing Jane Garvey who had been in the seat for some 13 years. On the show this morning, Barnett spoke to Hollywood actresses Caitlin Dulany and Rosanna Arquette about the #MeToo movement.

Ms. Okafor has appeared in TV adverts for Maltesers, Samsung and Irn Bru as well as on stage and in documentaries.

She tweeted fans to reveal she left the show after allegedly hearing a conversation when a mic was accidentally left on. She tweeted: ‘Hi guys I’m coming off woman’s hour because what I’ve just had to witness is absolutely degrading and vile.

‘When [the host] clocks the mic is on suddenly it’s “well kelechi could you just explain to me because I’m trying to give you a chance to explain…”

‘It was on your producers to have explained and done their research. It was on you to check your mic.

‘The need for me on today’s show was to offer balance to these wayward women thinking that the MeToo movement is no longer needed.

‘The fact is that if you feel it’s no longer needed for your white middle-class sensibilities marginalized voices still need it.’

‘We haven’t heard from everybody regarding the violations they’ve faced. The originators of the MeToo movement were Black women. From enslaved Black women who were raped by slave owners to Tarana Burke yet their voices are yet to be honored.’

Tweets: What we know so far about Kelechi Okafor

The alleged conversation appears to have taken place off-air.

Ms. Kelechi Okafor and the BBC have been contacted for comment. On Monday Barnett took over the Radio 4 staple, which has aired since 1946.

BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty moved into the slot on Radio 5 live that she had previously occupied. Outgoing host Jane Garvey signed off her final Woman’s Hour broadcast after 13 years on January 1 – declaring that the ‘show needs to move on and now it can’.

Miss Garvey told listeners: ‘During the course of these cataclysmic years on Woman’s Hour, I’ve learned that actually, for all sorts of reasons, women have to be that bit better, we have to try harder (than men), it’s going to be a bit tougher for us.’

Today’s program about the ‘Me Too’ movement’ took place one year from the start of Harvey Weinstein’s court case in America.

Barnett was discussing, ‘what the #MeToo movement has achieved and the unintended consequences.’

But the show also sparked anger among some listeners after one of the actresses claimed some women ‘lied’ about sexual abuse accusations. She told the show: ‘There are the bad apples out there that jump on the bandwagon and maybe aren’t telling the truth..you hope there aren’t too many liars out there.’

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