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Who is South Carolina Woman – Kaylee Muthart Wikipedia

An autobiography called “Kaylee’s Story” is in the works.

Kaylee Muthart

Kaylee Muthart is best known as the South Carolina woman who gouged her eyes out during a meth-induced psychotic episode in which she thought she could save the world. Muthart has reportedly received a pair of prosthetic eyeballs that make her “appear more normal to the outside world,” according to a report.

Muthart, from Anderson, made international headlines in 2018 after a shocking meth-induced psychotic episode.

Kaylee, who is 22 years old, was 20 when she ripped out her eyes, squishing them with her hands, in February 2018, according to a report in People magazine.

Kaylee Muthart “Woman who gouged out her own eyes on meth”

Muthart, from Anderson, made international headlines after she gouged her eyes out during a shocking meth-induced psychotic episode in February 2018 after snorting and injecting tainted methamphetamine.

“The drugs take your fears and beliefs and amplify them. I thought I had to take my eyes out to survive and save the world”, she told the magazine.

Muthart was rushed to the hospital, where doctors told her that she would be blind for the rest of her life.

Since the incident, Muthart has decided to quit drugs for good and entered rehab, The Sun reported.

Kaylee Muthart Honored With ‘Prosthetic Eyeballs’

One year after Muthart gouged her eyes out, she opened up to People about the psychotic episode that caused her to wildly hallucinate, according to the news outlet.

On Wednesday, she received her prosthetic eyes from Dr. Joseph Gorrin of Gorrin’s Clinic in Greenville.

Muthart is healthy and doing good.“I was so excited to get them. I just wanted to appear more normal to the outside world”, Muthart, who is enrolled in a blind school, said.

Alex George, who has been Muthart’s boyfriend for 5 years, said, “Muthart was never any different to me, but I know she’s wanted this for a very long time and I’m so happy she has this now. I felt so much joy, love, appreciation, and thanks to God”.

Kaylee Muthart Planning To Get Back To School

“I’m planning to go back to school to get my high school diploma, and then an associate’s degree. I want to get up as high as I can”, Muthart claimed after receiving her prosthetic eyes.

Kaylee added that she has started writing a book about her experience.

Muthart FaceTimed with her mom, Katy Tompkins, to show her the new look

“She cried with happiness too”, Muthart told The Sun. “She is so excited for me and this next chapter in my life”.

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