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What You Don’t Know About Doonside Bashing Mother: Kayla Dawson Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Kayla Dawson
Kayla Dawson

Who is Kayla Dawson?

Kayla Dawson has been named as the teen mother who was the sixth person to be charged over the death of a 16-year-old boy, sipped on a takeaway coffee and casually told reporters she had ‘no idea what happened days before was arrested. She was arrested at an address in Doonside in Sydney’s west about 3 pm on Sunday.

The teenager is accused of luring the victim to her home on Perigee Close in Doonside, where he was allegedly set upon by four boys aged between 13 and 15, along with a 15-year-old girl.

“I can’t go back to my house because it’s still under investigation,” she told 7 News.

How old is Kayla Dawson?

Kayla Dawson is 19 years old as of the year 2021.

Kayla Dawson Australia

Daily Mail Australia understands the boy was told there would be a ‘huge party’ at the address, and that he trusted Dawson. Disturbing video of the brutal 48-hour beating was distributed on social media apps and was recommended to the victim’s friends in their’ ‘for you pages’ for days following the incident.

In the shocking footage, he was forced to repeat the phrase ‘f**k the ’21’.’21 District’ is a group of gangs also known as the ‘Inner west Brotherhood’ linked to several postcodes, including Guildford, Merrylands and Blacktown.

The boy was also seemingly made to apologize to the ’27’ postcode, comprising the suburbs of Mt Druitt and Doonside.

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Police are investigating whether the boy’s death was linked to increasing postcode violence in the community.

Doonside Bashing Full Video Reddit

Dawson was the sixth arrested on Sunday afternoon with police taking her from her Doonside home to Blacktown Police Station. She was charged with murder, take or detain in company with the intent to get advantage occasion actual bodily harm, and cause grievous bodily harm to the person with intent.

Dawson appeared in Blacktown Local Court on Monday and did not apply for bail. She will remain behind bars.

Police sources said the 16-year-old was allegedly kept in a home for up to two days before emergency services found him unconscious with severe injuries to his head and chest.

He was taken to Blacktown Hospital on Wednesday where he later died.

Sporting a Lonsdale jumper and black cap, Dawson agreed to be interviewed by 7News.

Jason 16-year-old Doonside

The 16-year-old victim endured two days trapped inside the home with at least six alleged offenders, though in social media posts Dawson denied ever laying a finger on him.

‘It was not me that killed him… I didn’t set him up to die,’ a message from Dawson’s Facebook account reads.

She later allegedly told former friends she would ‘hand herself into police.

In an audio heard by Daily Mail Australia, Dawson was concerned about ‘losing everyone’ over the alleged incident.  Dawson appeared in Blacktown court on Monday charged with murder, taking or detaining in company with intent, actual bodily harm, and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

She did not apply for bail and it was formally denied.

The victim was allegedly targeted after a fake pair of Airpods went missing last month.

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