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What You Don’t Know About Brandeis University Official: Kate Slater Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Who is Kate Slater?

Kate Slater is the Brandeis University’s Assistant Dean who sparked a new debate and outrage on the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder. She made an Instagram post stating that ‘all White people are racist’ and that she hates ‘whiteness,’ despite being one herself.

Slater made those controversial comments on her Instagram account of 5,424 Instagram followers on May 25.

Brandeis University Dean Assistant Kate Slater

Slater was hired as the assistant dean of graduate student affairs at Brandeis University six months ago.

Slater’s education info on her LinkedIn states that she has a Bachelor’s degree in English and theatre from Skidmore College, a Master’s degree in education from Northeastern University, and a Ph.D. in educational policy from the University of New Hampshire. According to her website, Slater’s doctoral research was focused on ‘the experiences of underrepresented minority students in higher education, and in particular, at predominantly White institutions.’

How old is Kate Slater?

Kate Slater is believed to be in her late 30s.

Kate Slater Bandeius University

The educator at the university in Waltham/Boston, Massachusetts defended the ‘critical race theory in her post and wrote, “Yes, all White people are racist in that all White people have been conditioned in a society where one’s racial identity determines life experiences/outcomes and Whiteness is the norm and the default. That includes me!” She continued, “I don’t hate white people – I hate whiteness.”

Her comments have fanned a raging debate over critical race theory and how public institutions discussed racism in the days after Floyd’s death.

Kate Slater Instagram

“For all white folx, I invite you to take a moment today and reflect on the past year – a year of “racial reckoning”.

“How have you been paying attention, interrupting and holding yourself accountable? How ill you commit and recommit to racial justice, to disrupting and divesting from whiteness, and to building a more equitable world that’s free of racial subjugation?” she added to Instagram’s post.

As her post sparked a huge controversy on social media, Slater made her account private on May 26.

Kate Slater Bandeis Twitter

People were quick to slam Slater on her controversial post on social media. Tweets like, “How can she teach anti racism if all whites are racist? What a moron. She should give up her cushy job to a person of color, get a new job in the hood to help people. This nut case is teaching, ” began to pour in. “@BrandeisU If Kate Slater says all whites are racist including herself she should be fired. Why would Brandeis employ a self-professed racist?” asked one social media user.

“@BrandeisU I am a graduate with two teens. I am ashamed of your hire of Kate Slater. She is a racist. My children will never attend Brandeis. You have taken a tragic turn, ” shared another on social media.

Some other tweets read:

“@BrandeisU what an ignorant person. Stating that 100% of people are anything based on their skin color is racist. If Kate Slater hates herself so much that’s fine but she only speaks for herself. But I wouldn’t want my kids going within 10 miles of her poison, ” and “She is an extremist and they all stick together. Her racism is unacceptable and should be fired. No parent should want to spend hard earn money to tell their child their parents and they are racist because they are white.”

Kate Slater Dean

Brandeis University is a $57,000-a-year private liberal arts university in Massachusetts. Only about 5 percent of 5,800 students are black and more than 45 percent are White at the university. The University officials were not available to comment on Slater’s remarks.

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