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Who is Convicted California Man: Karl Karlsen Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Convictions, Trial and Investigation Reports

Karl Karlsen with Family
Karl Karlsen with Family

Karl Karlsen Biography – Wiki

Karl Karlsen is identified as an California man in prison who is convicted of killing his wife years earlier before he was accused of murdering his son for insurance money. He is believed to have killed his wife for the same reason.

He is 60 years old.

Karl Karlsen Guilty of Murdering Son for Insurance Money

His son is identified as 23-year-old Levi Karlsen who was crushed under a truck that off a jack in upstate New York in 2008. According to prosecutors, Karl made the scene look like an accident.

He pleaded guilty in in exchange for a prison sentence of 15 years to life after murdering his son for $700,000 in insurance.

Karl Karlsen Guilty of Killing Wife

The criminal case returned again on Monday when the 60-year-old killed his wife earlier years before the murder of his son, according to reports.

He was believed to have set a fire that resulted in the death of his wife Christina Karlsen in 1991 in Murphys.

the reason behind the murder was for Karl to collect on a $200,000 life insurance policy he took out 19 days before her death, the Sonora Union-Democrat revealed.

She was found dead trapped in a bathroom with a boarded-up window, a news outlet reported.

Karl Karlsen Trial

In court Monday, Karl Karlsen showed no emotion as the verdict was read after a month-long trial that featured testimony from 35 prosecution witnesses, including members of his family and his wife’s family, the Union-Democrat reported.


He is set to be sentenced in March and faces life without parole.

Investigation Reports

Defense attorney Richard Esquivel defended his client by claiming his appeal for the conviction would come.

Christina Karlsen’s death revealed after Karl Karlsen’s imprisoning for their son’s death.

He had also taken out insurance on his second wife, a revelation that led her to cooperate with prosecutors, The Associated Press had reported in 2013.



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