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Married Buckinghamshire Teacher Found Guilty Amid Sex Scandal

Kandice Barber

Kandice Barber was a married Buckinghamshire school teaching assistant who has allegedly been found guilty of sending topless pictures of her to a 15-year-old student on Snapchat and having s*x with him.

Kandice Barber is survived by his husband and three children

The 35-year-old, from Wendover in Buckinghamshire, is accused of texting him, saying had a “bigger p*nis than her husband” in texts” and that saying she was pregnant with his baby.

Kandice Barber’s Allegations Revealed

Barber is reportedly accused of having s*x with him three times and sending him topless pictures of herself and an explicit video after exchanging Snapchat messages in Buckinghamshire in September 2018.

The student claimed the mother-of-three had told him he ‘had a bigger penis than her husband’ and that she was pregnant with his child, Daily Mail reported.

She was arrested after the boy revealed the alleged relationship to the headteacher in March 2019 after n*ked pictures of Barber circulated around the school in Buckinghamshire, the court heard.

In November 2018, Barber was off school for two weeks after suffering an ectopic pregnancy. She denied revealing the fact that the baby could be her 15-year-old pupil’s, who is now 17.

What does Kandice Barber say about the allegations?

According to the evidence given, Barber revealed she gave the boy her cell number so that he could discuss about any issues and that the conversations were not s*xual.

The court heard she never sent him topless pictures of herself and claimed the My Eyes Only folder in her Snapchat had been hacked. Later, she became tired of the boy’s phone calls.

She claimed he sent a message reading: ‘Watch what’s going to happen, you’re going to lose your job, you’re going to lose your family’.

What does the court say?

The court was told Barber’s illicit relationship with the boy began in September 2018, just two years into her marriage, at a school sports event when she came over to him and asked to borrow his phone.

It revealed she had her details into the teenager’s Snapchat account and then started messaging him, revealing herself to him when she was having a bath or shower.

Giving evidence via video link, the teenager claimed that Barber sent him multiple graphic pictures of herself and a video of her masturbating while surrounded by s*x toys. He told police they had s*x 3 times.

Kandice Barber’s Husband During Her Trial

Barber’s husband, Daniel, is standing by her after she was today cleared of having s*x with the 15-year-old. Her husband, 38, is ready to keep going with Barber ‘whatever the trial outcome’.

Mr Barber, seen smiling with his wife during their first wedding dance, confirmed he believes in his wife

Barber’s devoted husband accompanied her to court each day and even gave evidence on her behalf. He hugged her and held her hand while she rested her head on his shoulder.

The tattooed father-of-two, who worked night shifts at Morrisons supermarket before starting work for delivery firm DPD, denied that at the time of the affair the couple was going through a rocky patch.

He said that they had been trying for a baby at the time and Barber told him she was pregnant but suffered an ectopic pregnancy a month later. Daniel admitted to the court he had been totally unaware of the rumors.

He said the first time he was aware of the allegations was 2 months after the meeting in March 2019 when his wife was arrested and questioned by detectives for 12 hours. He collected her from the police station.

The prosecutor put it to him: “You had not known about the meeting on January 24, she had never informed you. You had no idea why she had been arrested”.

Kandice Barber Under Investigation

Senior school staff started an investigation in early 2019 when one of the topless pictures of Barber came into their possession.

Jurors had previously been told Barber had searched ‘What is the name of someone you are having an affair with?’ and the word ‘alibi’ on Google. But the teacher claimed in evidence she was just trying to find out the name of the film Fatal Attraction and only enquired about ‘secluded areas’ for her dog walks.

After it turned s*xual between the two of us, I started screenshotting the messages. I screenshotted the Snapchat picture in case I needed to use it as evidence”,

After the school alerted police and social services, Barber was arrested on March 12 last year.

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