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White Supremacy Leader: Justen Watkins Biography, Wiki, Age, History, Hate Campaign and More

Justen Watkins Biography — Wiki

Justen Watkins is a self-proclaimed leader of the white supremacy group The Base and an alleged associate, who is one of two men accused of committing crimes on behalf of a violent white supremacist group.

Mr. Watkins and Alfred Gorman, both of Michigan, have been charged with felony counts of gang membership, unlawful posting of a message and using computers to commit a crime.

Justen Watkins Age

Justen Watkins is 25 years old as of 2020.

Arrest: Justen Watkins History

Justen Watkins and Alfred Gormanare linked to a December 2019 incident in which The Base allegedly targeted a Michigan family’s home, mistakenly believing it belonged to a podcaster critical of the neo-Nazi movement.

According to prosecutors, a man and a woman witnessed two men in dark clothing shining light and taking pictures on the front porch of the family’s home in Dexter, Michigan.  The photos were then allegedly uploaded to The Base’s channel on the secret chat app Telegram and misidentified the house as belonging to the podcaster.

One of the photos of a masked person standing on the porch was then shared on social media with the caption: “The Base sends greetings to Daniel Harper of the Antifa podcast ‘I Don’t Speak German’.”

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel claimed the men intended to intimidate the podcaster and the posting of the message was “intended to cause conduct that would make the residents feel terrorized.”

Justen Watkins’ Hate Campaign

According to prosecutors, Justen Watkins ran a “hate camp” for members of The Base. Prosecutors said he allegedly led tactical and firearms training for participants.

Mr. Watkins was identified as a member of The Base in late 2019 and claimed to have been appointed its new leader after the last one was arrested, the detective wrote in the affidavit.

Mr. Watkins and Gorman were each arrested and charged with felonies related to an incident that occurred last year involving The Base and a researcher who studies the far-right.

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