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Who is Missing Linda Stoltzfoos’ Killer: Julio Smoker Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Julio Smoker Biography — Wiki

Julio Smoker is the suspect behind bars for allegedly kidnapping Pennsylvania teen, Linda Stoltzfoos, who has been charged with her death, officials announced Monday morning.

The Lancaster County District Attorney announced that Julio Smoker faces a murder charge in connection with Stoltzfoos’ disappearance and his predicted death. According to Penn Live, the teen’s body was not found, but the evidence the investigators had accumulated gave the prosecutor’s office enough information to file the murder charges.

“Given the evidence gathered over the past six months, our office has approved the prosecution of Smoker, who killed Linda after kidnapping Linda while walking home from church on Beechdale Road in Upper Leacock Town,” the Attorney General’s office said. Press release

Julio Smoker Age

Julio Smoker’s age is still unknown.

Julio Smoker charged after kidnapping missing Amish girl Linda Stoltzfoos:

Julio Smoker allegedly abducted Stoltzfoos on June 21 while walking home from the church in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania, on a farm on Stumptown Road. Authorities arrested Smoker after seeing the Red Kia Rio in security footage at the 500 block of Beechdale Road on June 21 at 12:21 pm.

Two witnesses told police that they saw a red Kia Rio off the Amish and Stumptown roads where Stoltzfoo was last seen. One of the witnesses said they saw an Amish woman on the front passenger side of the vehicle.

A third witness, Isaac Esh, told the authorities that he saw a red car heading east at 12:30 on Stumptown Road, the road where the Stoltzfoos church was located. and 12:45 On June 21, Esh reportedly said that the driver stopped at one point, turned the car over and headed towards the church.

Shortly after his disappearance, authorities began focusing on 3104 Harvest Drive near the village of Ronks. The same Kia Rio was spotted there on June 23; Someone called the police and reported that there was a “suspicious vehicle” parked in the back of a business driven by a dark-skinned man.

The caller said the man got out of his car, looked at the windows of the business, walked around the building, and then returned to his car.

What we know so far about Julio Smoker

The caller managed to get the license plate information of the vehicle. Police said the car in question belonged to Smoker, but that the vehicle left the vehicle when the authorities arrived. During their search, authorities found a bra and a pair of socks buried near the facility. Investigators said the items most likely belonged to Stoltzfoos.

The FBI obtained cell phone records that placed Smoker’s phone around 3104 Harvest on June 21 at 2:32 pm. and 15:35.

Stoltzfoos’ journey from church to home was about nine-tenths of a mile. Investigators believe that he was stuck walking home due to a stream between the church and his residence. They also believe Smoker pulled his car into a farm lane and approached Stoltzfoos while walking.

In the enhanced security footage, it is reported that there were two people walking on Beechdale Road as Stoltzfoos walked home. The camera pair briefly caught it about 34 seconds before it came out of sight. Minutes later, the camera caught a red Kia Rio shooting and walking away.

Meanwhile, the search for Stoltzfoos continues. Anyone with any information about the whereabouts of the young person should contact the East Lampeter County Police Department at 717 291-4676 or submit a tip online via Crimewatch.

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