hidden hit counter Joshua Molnar found guilty in Yousef Makki death, Joshua Molnar Bio, Wiki, Age, Family and Much More About Her
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Joshua Molnar found guilty in Yousef Makki death, Joshua Molnar Bio, Wiki, Age, Family and Much More About Her

Key Points About the Joshua Molnar Case

  • Joshua Molnar, who turns 18 on Tuesday, was previously only referred to as Boy A
  • He’s been revealed as the teenager who stabbed Yousef Makki to death in March
  • His mother Stephanie defended him but shared sympathy with Yousef Makki’s family 
  • Elite schools Molnar went to are often a conveyor belt to Oxford and Cambridge
  • He attended £33,000-a-year Ellesmere College boarding school in Shropshire 

Joshua Molnar Short Biography

The teenager Joshua Molnar who stabbed Yousef Makki to death has been revealed as a rugby-loving student who attended a £33,000-a-year private school and had ‘idiotic fantasies’ of becoming a ‘middle-class gangster’.

Joshua Molnar, who turns 18 on Tuesday, was cleared of the murder of Yousef, also 17,  despite admitting to stabbing him after an argument in Hale Barns, an upmarket village in Cheshire, on March 2.

Molnar was sentenced to a 16-month detention training order – 12 months for perverting the course of justice, and four months for possession of the knife.

He was revealed today as a white Anglo-Hungarian with mild learning difficulties from a well-off family in the village of Hale.

Molnar had been at one time a pupil at Ellesmere College, a £33,000-a-year boarding school in Shropshire, where Latin is still taught.

Its alumni include former England rugby union captain Bill Beaumont, the current chairman of World Rugby, and Hugh Grosvenor, the seventh Duke of Westminster.

Molnar starred in the school rugby union first XV, playing at number eight, before leaving with six GCSEs.

Before his time there, he had also attended the £9,000-a-year Cheadle Hulme School, whose past pupils include broadcasters Katie Derham and Nick Robinson.

Again, he was a regular for the school rugby team, but left early in his mid-teens when he declined to repeat a year.

His time in the sixth form at Wilmslow High School, a state school, came to an end during his A level studies.

Sources say cannabis was found in his Hugo Boss bag he had taken into school, and he was subsequently withdrawn from there by mutual agreement.

Joshua Molnar Wiki

The fee-paying public schools Molnar attended are often a conveyor belt to Oxford and Cambridge for their pupils – but he is currently serving 16 months in a Young Offenders Institute.

Despite the advantages of a good family and good education, Molnar instead became fixated with knives, living out ‘idiotic fantasies’ of being a middle-class gangster, his trial heard.

Molnar has been revealed as a rugby playing ex-boarder

One detective described him and a second defendant as, ‘rich kids who have never had to live in the real world’.

Despite the money spent on his expensive education, Molnar did not ‘get on’ with his family or appreciate his parents.

He said he could pick his friends but not his parents.

They arrived with Molnar on the first day of the trial, accompanied by their own security detail.

Both parents supported their son at court each day of the trial.

They divorced when Molnar was 13, the father living in a £500,000 three-bedroom townhouse in Hale village and the mother in a second five-bedroom house in the village, worth around £900,000.

The upmarket village south of Manchester, popular with minor celebrities and premier league footballers, was where Molnar was raised.

His life was a world away from the street gangsters in the Drill music he listened to.

How insult-laden ‘diss tracks’ and rapping about gang culture from disaffected inner-city youths related to him is unclear.


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