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LA County City Manager Put On Leave After His Social Media Post

Jose Ometeot
Jose Ometeot

Jose Ometeotl

Jose Ometeotl was a Los Angeles-area city manager who was reportedly put on paid administrative leave Tuesday after his social media post on the ambush shooting of two sheriffs’ deputies over the weekend.

Jose Ometeotl

He had used Malcolm X controversial ‘chickens come home to roost’ quote to describe the shooting of two officers in Compton. He is currently put on leave pending an internal investigation, Dail Mail reported.

Jose Ometeotl and His Social Media Post

Lynwood City Councilman Salvador Alatorre told Fox News that he put forth the motion to discipline or dismiss Ometeotl following his personal Instagram post that read “chickens come home to roost” after two deputies were shot multiple times while sitting in their patrol vehicle Saturday in the nearby city of Compton.

However, the council received 78 written comments regarding the post, with only three defending Ometeotl.

But nearly all of the public speakers who commented during Tuesday’s virtual meeting showed support for him. Much of the criticism about his social media post came from people who live outside the city.

“Ometeotl was “Protocol” [sic] and that “he is gone, will not represent Lynwood anymore”, Alatorre confirmed to Fox News. “It’s a legal process to protect the city,” Alatorre added.

Jose Ometeotl’s Public Apology

After his post was shared widely, Ometeotl appeared to apologize, saying: “The shooting of anyone is a wholly unacceptable occurrence in society”.

“I do not condone the type of violence seen in the shooting of the deputies yesterday in Compton”.

In his post, Ometeotl said communities like Compton have been “plagued by deputy gangs.

Ometeotl added that he prayed for the wounded deputies but also demanded justice for victims.

Jose Ometeot Under Investigation

“He represents the city of Lynwood 24/7. He cannot make statements while he’s employed by our city, especially when he jeopardizes public safety”, Alatorre said Monday.

Michelle Ramirez, the city’s director of community development, will step in as acting city manager.