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Who is Luna Matenga’s Mother: Jessica Feeney Biography, Wiki, Age, Daughter, Husband, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Jessica Feeney Biography — Wiki

Jessica Feeney is the mother of Luna Matenga, a brave little girl who spent three days fighting for her life in hospital after being hit by a car as she has tragically passed away on Sunday. Matenga was rushed to hospital after she was struck walking across Goldmine Road at Ormeau in the Gold Coast hinterland on Sunday morning.

Matenga’s grief-stricken family has remained at her bedside since, with her mother Jessica Feeney vowing they ‘are not giving up or leaving her side’.

Jessica Feeney Age

Jessica Feeney’s age is still unknown while Luna Matenga was 3 years old at the time of death.

Jessica Feeney announced Luna Matenga’s Death on Facebook

On Wednesday Luna tragically succumbed to her injuries, with Ms. Jessica Feeney taking to social media to pen a heartbreaking tribute to her daughter.

‘With the heaviest of hearts, I want to thank every single person for their prayers and positive vibes for my baby girl. She felt it, we felt it,’ she posted on Facebook. ‘Unfortunately, at 9.03 pm on the 22nd of December, we let our beautiful baby girl go, surrounded by her family in the arms of her mummy and daddy!

‘Our hearts are completely broken. Fly high my gorgeous blue-eyed, red-headed unicorn! Ride those dragons baby. Until we meet again!’

Jessica Feeney: Luna Matenga GoFundMe and Tribute

A GoFundMe page raising money for Luna’s family has raised more than $70,000.

The family remained at Luna’s bedside after she was hit by a car crossing a road in the Gold Coast hinterland

Former Bachelor star Rhiannon Doherty took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon to pay tribute to ‘our little snuggle bunny’.

‘The moment I met you my heart hurt because I felt like it actually grew,’ she posted.

‘Every time I saw you from that moment on I would want to squeeze you so hard because I loved you so much.’ The 29-year-old said she used to FaceTime Luna when she was sad and admired her personality and confidence at such a young age.

‘Your smile just made everything okay. Your wild hair, the crazy princess dresses, the sass on you, the humor, the facial expressions, the confidence!’ she wrote.

‘I would look at you and admire how self-assured and confident you were. I want to be like you Luna Bear.

‘I was so proud of the baby girl you were, just like my own blood.

Jessica Feeney previously posted gutwrenching images of the family clutching Luna’s hand at her bedside in the hospital.

‘Keep fighting my baby!’ she posted on Monday, also tagging Timi Matenga.

The young mother called on everyone to keep Luna in their prayers just days out from Christmas. ‘We are not giving up or leaving her side. Positive prayers and energy will send waves to her. She needs everyone’s help, we all do,’ Ms. Feeney said.

‘Luna Capri is the most beautiful girl in the whole world,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

‘She is confident, beautiful, the best sister and she is fighting so hard for her life. She has the whole world backing her and sending prayers.

‘We need everyone to pray for her.’

What we know so far

Queensland Police said in a statement ‘initial investigations indicate just before 9 am the girl crossed Goldmine Road in between two parked vehicles and was hit by a Toyota Corolla which was traveling northbound’. A registered nurse at the scene performed CPR on Luna Matenga before she was stabilized and taken to Gold Coast University Hospital.

A 33-year-old female driver was not injured, police said.

Investigations remaining ongoing.

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