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Who was UK PM Boris Johnson’s Bedside Nurse: Everything You Need To Know About Jenny McGee

Jenny McGee Biography – Wiki

Jenny McGee (born in 1990) is identified as a British nurse who was one of the two nurses who cared for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he battled coronavirus, according to Daily Mail. She was born in New Zealand and has been in UK for almost eight years. Her family are ‘so proud’ of all she has accomplished.

She is 30 years old.

Everything You Need To Know About Jenny McGee

Jenny McGee Early Life:

Ms McGee was born in Invercargill, New Zealand to parents Mike McGee and Caroline McGee. She is survived by a beautiful family, including a brother, Rob McGee, who told MailOnline her sister is feeling ‘very humble’, after helping UK Prime Minister.

Jenny McGee Career:

The New-Zealand-born nurse has been in the UK for eight years. She undertook her Overseas Education (OE) before moving to St Thomas’ in central London. She previously worked at the Royal Melbourne Hospital for six years where she did her intensive care training.

Jenny McGee Family:

“She said she was just really pleased to see all the hard working people in the NHS be recognised for the amazing work they are doing”, her brother revealed.

Rob, as well as their parents Mike and Caroline, spoke with Jenny after the public praise.

“We spoke to her this morning – evening in the UK – and she was about to head off to do another night shift”.

Jenny McGee Husband:

Mr McGee later told the NZ Herald his family felt incredibly proud of Jenny and her work in the UK.

“She is just doing her job and that is how she sees it. This is what she was trained for, helping people who need care. Special people”.

Jenny McGee Stood at UK PM’s Boris Johnson’s Bedside For 48 Hours

During an Easter video conference on Sunday, the PM singled out Jenny McGee for her tireless efforts during his hospital visit. He reportedly thanked her for his COVID-19 care. She was one of the two nurses who stood by Mr Johnson in intensive care.

The Prime Minister spent a week in hospital – including three nights in intensive care – battling the deadly respiratory virus, and admitted that ‘things could have gone either way’ during his stay.

While Ms McGee appreciates the praise she has received, she is more pleased to see her industry getting the recognition it deserves during such trying times.

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