Who is Brad Pitt’s Makeup Artist Friend: Everything You Need To Know About Jean Ann Black

Jean Ann Black Biography – Wiki

Jean Ann Black is an American makeup artist who is best known as the friend of Hollywood star Brad Pitt. He has been Pitt’s co worker for over 30 years. Together, they have worked over 40 movies, including Once Upon a Time In . . . Hollywood, which landed him an Oscar this year. Jean has been in makeup art since 1990s. Black and Pitt are like family members, the staff claims.

Everything You Need To Know About Jean Ann Black

Jean Ann Black Relationship With Brad Pitt

According to her interview statements, Black met Pitt in the early 1990. “Fate brings certain people together, and Black is one of those people for Pitt, Property Brother Jonathan Scott said.

On the premiere episode Celebrity IOU, a new HGTV show hosted by Property Brothers, Pitt revealed to public, “She’s family. We’re like brother and sister. We bicker, we fight… Jean is one of those nucleus’ we all orbit around”. “Even if I tank a scene, she’s always right there telling me, ‘Hey, it’s all right.’ And not just for me. For anyone”, he continued.

Upon their first meeting, Black asked Pitt if he needed anything. She remembered that he said to just bring good music. Pitt always got emotional when thinking about Black’s love for the renovation. Black reveals that when he walked in first, he said this was “hilarious and amazing”, and it used to look like a “s— box”.

Jean Ann Black Professional Career With Brad Pitt

She entered into makeup industry career in 1980 and worked with many professionals, including John Getz.

Together, Black and Pitt made their first film. Then, they were able to work together on ‘A River Runs Through It’ because someone in the makeup department dropped out. Pitt wasn’t that big of a star at that time where he could request a certain makeup artist.

She recalled upon Pitt saying, “Brad and I are both loners. We had kind of a sense we could enjoy being in the same room without having to talk all the time. Although now that I think back I did for some reason always want to talk to him while he was reading or trying to sleep”.

She continued: “But anyway like I said it’s kind of a rare duo, a rare thing to have someone in his position…there’s so much attrition in this business, it’s so much about personalities and egos. You can easily be with someone great one day and then the next 5 movies down you’re out”.

“It is a little bit of a conundrum at times to me but you know it’s kind of something that you can’t really explain. It just happens”.

At last, Black added: “There was just a real copacetic type of thing in terms of humor and things we like”.

Jean Ann Black Others Works

Beside working with Brad Pitt, Black is also known for her work on films, particularly a long-time collaborator with David Fincher, the Coen Brothers and Julia Roberts.

Jean Ann Black on Celebrity IOU With Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Jean Ann Black were invited to be featured on the premiere episode Celebrity IOU, a new HGTV show where Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott hosted the celebrities.

In the show, the Property Brothers with a A-list celebrity surprise someone with an amazing renovation. In Pitt’s case, he’s doing a heartwarming renovation for his longtime friend.

“A lot of people don’t know he is so into architecture. He’s brilliant when it comes to the home. So the fact that he was part of our premiere episode of Celebrity IOU is amazing”, Entertainment Tonight Online is told.

“I will admit when we were doing demolition, he beat me through the walls. Like, he smashed through that thing like no one’s business. Really, it was so cool to see someone that’s such a huge celebrity just want to get in and put his own hands in on the work because he wanted to do this for someone he loves”, Jonathan told at the show.

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