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Married Police Chief Exposed For Having 2 Mistresses: Jason Collier Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Girlfriends, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Jason Collier Police Chief

Jason Collier is best known as the married Texas police chief and father of four who has been placed under social media arrest by his girlfriend for reportedly leading a “double/triple life” with at least two mistresses. The scorned woman aired his dirty laundry in a Facebook post with over 37,000 shares.

Collier has 21 years of law enforcement experience under his belt. H he is currently the chief of the Stinnett Police Department.

Jason Collier Marriage

Jason Collier has been married twice and has four children – two with his ex-wife and two with his current wife, Opal Collier. Collier was on the board of a Texas-based religious organization – “Our Brothers Keeper” – with his wife.

In a statement on Wednesday, January 27, Bolton said two board members voluntarily resigned – but it was not clear whether he was referring to Collier and his wife. Bolton said in a statement: “Without going into great detail or addressing any comments, concerns, or rumors I have been made aware of an ongoing situation involving two members that have asked to step down from the board of directors.

Jason Collier Girlfriend

Jason Collier’s girlfriend Cecily Steinmetz alleges Collier was leading a “double/triple life” by having two girlfriends, including herself, and a wife. Her viral Facebook post, shared on Tuesday, January 26, has 25,000 comments and it has been shared 31,000 times.

The post said: “Chief Jason Collier is living a double/triple life. I was his girlfriend until yesterday.

“He lied to me and presented me with fake annulment documents when I found out he was married.

“I also found out about a 2nd girlfriend, Kristi, last night. He has lied to us, our children, and asked us both to marry him.

“He is a poor representative of your town. He would also visit me in Amarillo when he was on shift.

Jason Collier Stinnett, Texas

Jason Collier is the chief of the Stinnett Police Department in Texas who was put on leave after a Facebook post from a woman who says she was unknowingly his mistress accused him of living a “double/triple life” with at least two girlfriends while he is married with four children.

The scandal came to light after the chief of the Stinnett Police Department Collier, uploaded a since-deleted Facebook post commemorating his anniversary with his wife Opal, the Heavy reported.

Jason Collier Girlfriends

Things went south for him after one of Collier’s girlfriends, Cecily Steinmetz — who likely saw the adoring post — exposed his triple-infidelity in the blistering message on the City of Stinnett Facebook page. The post included romantic snaps of Steinmetz and the adulterous cop.

In addition to those bombshells, Steinmetz revealed that Collier “would also visit me in Amarillo when he was on shift,” the unaware mistress added. “We just returned from a vacation in Taos [New Mexico] on Sunday — meanwhile, his other GF was told he was on work assignment in Portland, OR.”

Steinmetz concluded that Collier, who also happens to be an ordained minister, was a “poor representative” of the city of Stinnett.

The other girlfriend, Kristi Shaffer, wrote under the post that she had also been dating Collier and that they had been engaged since December, the Sun reported.

Jason Collier Facebook

Jason Collier has yet to address the allegations. However, the city of Stinnett issued a statement Wednesday on their Facebook page claiming they were aware of “the current situation surrounding the Chief Of Police.”

The Stinnett Police Department’s Facebook page and Collier’s personal profile have been taken down.

Jason Collier Story

Collier has been married twice and has four children, two with his ex-wife, and two with his current wife, Opal Collier. In September 2020, he wrote a post on Facebook wishing his wife a happy anniversary. Collier’s wife has not commented about the Facebook drama. They have been married since 2016.

“Happy anniversary to my beautiful bride!”

Steinmetz posted a Facebook photo on January 18 with Collier. The comments on the photo start our with typical messages from friends. One wrote, “Beautiful couple❤️❤️.” Another said, “Look at y’all!” But on January 25, Steinmetz commented on her own post, “Oh hey…. might want to make sure mutual friends don’t know your WIFE.”

Another woman, Kristi Shaffer, then began commenting saying she had also been dating Collier and believed he was only dating her. She said they had been engaged since December 2020. Steinmetz and Shaffer then began comparing excuses he gave them for why he was away, and learned that he was often with them or another woman, or his wife, on those occasions. Steinmetz and Shaffer commented that he would say he was working on special police assignments, like at the protests in Portland or the aftermath of the Christmas Day downtown Nashville bombing.

“He claims to have a side job with the government going to riots/national emergencies,” Steinmetz said on Facebook.

Steinmetz wrote, “Wow, weekend of the 16th. He told me he was in Lubbock helping his disabled brother.” Shaffer replied, “Wait…his brother is disabled?!?!??! … Nope we were in wichita…he broke his window at my home and we went to get it fixed.” Steinmetz replied, “oh wow! He told ME that his son shut the door and broke the window,” to which Shaffer said, “my son did!!!!!!! The glass is still in my front yard.”

Steinmetz and Shaffer also both discovered Collier had bought each of them the same gift: a coffee maker. “He wanted to buy me a coffee maker as a wedding gift!!!!! At Target with my kids,” Shaffer wrote. Steinmetz said, “he just brought up getting a coffee maker for my house on Sunday since I don’t drink coffee and he does.”

A third woman has also come forward to say she was also dating Collier, while other women said they had similar experiences meeting him on dating apps, like Plenty of Fish. Steinmetz posted a screenshot of Collier’s dating profile.

“Looking for friendship and then more from there,” Collier wrote on his Plenty of Fish page. “Not looking for a hook up. Sincere conversation, building trust and relationship first. Looking forward to hearing from you!”

Jason Collier Memes

The drama surrounding Collier has spawned memes and Facebook groups comparing it to a Netflix or Lifetime series. One group, “Jason Collier Netflix series” has more than 34,000 members. The city of Stinnett’s Facebook page has also been flooded with comments.

Shaffer wrote on Facebook, “gosh this IS a frigging Lifetime movie.” The situation has even inspired a song.

Another woman wrote in the Facebook group, “Alright y’all, Jason pulled a wife, two fiancé’s, and a girlfriend looking like a potato. If you were about to give up on happily ever after, think again. This is the same guy who uses an exclamation point in every text he sends. New year, new you!!!!!”

Another said, “I need to hear from this man. How did he manage to juggle 4 kids, all these women AND a full time job!?!”

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