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Rochester Party Shooting Victim Jarvis Alexander Remembered as University Prep Track Star

Jarvis Alexander

Jarvis Alexander was one of two victims who were allegedly killed during a mass shooting at a house party on the 200 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, near the Rochester Public Market, in the state of New York. 14 others were also injured, police confirmed.

Jarvis Alexander Staff

Majied Eason, who now lives in Providence and teaches in Boston, said Alexander moved to the Rochester area from the state of Florida, and at one point, attended high school at Gates Chili.

After Alexander was transferred to UPrep as a junior, he also played football at his new high school.

“He had to turn it up, double up on classes because of what he lacked from Florida. That is one of the things I’m proud of. He could have easily walked away, or go to summer school.

‘He was like, ‘Nah, I will get this done’.

“And he finished strong”, Eason said of Alexader.

What Jarvis Alexander’s Coaches say about his career

Alexander went straight to Alfred, where he planned to join the outdoor track and field and indoor track teams.

Alexander transferred to UPrep from Gates Chili, as a junior with no experience competing in outdoor track and field or an indoor track, according to assistant coach Demetrius Bennett.

Alexander became a sprinter and competed in jumps on both 2018 UPrep track teams.

“Everyone said he was fast”, Bennett said.

Great Achievements

“He was one of the key cogs his junior year, for us to win the (Class B outdoor) sectional title”, Bennett said. “He ran the 400, scored key points there. Came back for the 200.

“The meet clincher was the 200. He placed in that (scoring more key points)”.

UPrep Rochester’s Jarvis Alexander crosses the finish line in the 4×100 Meter Relay during the New York State Track Championships in Middletown on June 7, 2019

Coach Eason would say, ‘Listen, we need you to do something.’ No arguments. ‘I got you, man, I got you, coach.’ Simple as that.”

The following winter during Alexander’s senior year at UPrep, the indoor team found itself behind Edison at a meet during the 800-meter relay.

“We are talking to him (during the third leg), ‘We are behind, do you think you can catch him?’,” Bennett said he asked Alexander. “He smiled. ‘I got you, coach’.

“He walked down the Edison runner from third place, passed him to win. It was that which showed us he’s all in.

Later in that season, Alexander advanced to the high school indoor state championships meet in the individual 55-meter dash, then with teammates, the 1,600 relays.

Alexander teamed up with two other mates to become state champions in Division II, or small-schools, 400 relays, a race where each runner sprints 400 meters around the track.

But there was more for Alexander at the meet, as he was among the final eight in the Division II public school 100 dash final and continued through rounds in the 200.

“People don’t understand,” Bennett said. “He made it to the 200 (Federation) final. (Alexander finished sixth)”.

“When we went to states, his biggest thing was, ‘Can my brother come with us?’,” Eason said. “His brother was on the team, but he didn’t know he was going as an alternate.

“I said (kiddingly), ‘If I let him go, he has to be a part of a fast relay next year.’ Jarvis said, ‘I’m going to work with him, I’m going to make sure he’s as fast as I am.’ He was the glue to our team. When he would underperform, he would say we can do better than this.’ He was an extension of the coaches”.

Jarvis Alexander SHOT DEAD During in Rochester

“We have two innocent victims here that were attending a party with a few friends and unfortunately, they lost their lives as a result because three or four individuals decided to carry handguns and pull them out, and shoot at a crowd of 100 to 200 people”, Umbrino said at a news conference.

Two 19-year-old, identified as  Jaquayla Young and Jarvis Alexander, are not believed to be the intended targets.

Police say Alexander and Young were innocent bystanders during a gunfight

Police Captain Frank Umbrino said Saturday that three or four people fired 40 rounds around 12:30 am.

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