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What You Don’t Know About California Self-Claimed Satanist: Jaime Osuna Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Kody Scott
Kody Scott

Who is Jaime Osuna?

Jaime Osuna is a California inmate and self-proclaimed Satanist who reportedly decapitated and dissected the body of his cellmate with a makeshift “shank” in 2019. However, the heinous act reportedly did not catch the attention of prison guards. Osuna beheaded his cellmate Luis Romero but both men were reported as alive after the guards at Corcoran State Prison made their rounds, per two reports on California prisons, the Washington Examiner reported.

How old is Jaime Osuna?

Jaime Osuna is 31 years old as of the year 2021.

Jaime Osuna Luis Romero

Prison guards failed to notice that a self-proclaimed satanist deemed too violent to share a cell had killed and decapitated his inmate during their rounds. During the night of March 8 to March 9, 2019, Osuna killed Romero with a makeshift knife, show state documents seen by the Los Angeles Times.

Two new reports on California prisons from the inspector general’s office (OIG), obtained by the LA Times, have criticized the guards at Corcoran State Prison as well as the subsequent California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) investigation into the murder of Luis Romero by Osuna.

While the reports did not explain why the officers didn’t discover the body sooner, Romero’s family filed a lawsuit earlier this year seeking a jury trial.

“The idea that my client had to sue in order to get basic questions answered about her son’s death is disheartening,” said Justin Sterling, an attorney representing Romero’s family. Sterling argued that guards are required to check cells at frequent intervals and that the crime would have taken hours to commit, which meant the guards were not conducting proper checks, the Associated Press reported.

The report’s findings were disputed by the Department of Corrections, saying it had done a “thorough and complete investigation from the very beginning.”

Court documents alleged that guards hadn’t checked the cell even after a bedsheet was visibly draped along the bars inside Romero’s and Osuna’s cell.

Jaime Osuna Murderer

“In the early morning hours of March 9, 2019, Corcoran officials finally conducted a safety check and looked on the other side of the bedsheet. At that point, Mr Romero was found decapitated, and Mr. Osuna was found wearing a necklace made of Mr. Romero’s body parts,” the filing stated.

Kings County Executive Assistant District Attorney Phil Esbenshade said it was the most heinous slaying he had come across in his career. “We do believe that the victim was conscious during at least a portion of the time,” he said.

While disfiguring Romero, Osuna is said to have cut out one of his cellmate’s eyes, chopped off one of his fingers, taken out some of his ribs, and sliced out part of his lung. After decapitating Romero, Osuna reportedly posed with his lifeless body and wore a necklace made of his body parts.

Jaime Osuna Documentary

“A husband. A son. A father. An avid reader. Jamie Osuna’s family described him as all of these things once. Now he’s an inmate. A confessed murderer. He’s tattooed most of his face to look like a comic book villain, and he plays the role just as notoriously.”

“Reporter Olivia LaVoice now looks into each facade, uncovering far more than she ever expected from The Man With a Thousand Faces.”

Jaime Osuna Wife

To truly understand Jamie Osuna and his history of violence, you have to understand how he was caught for the 2011 murder of Yvette Pena. You see, there was a woman who was victimized by Osuna long before he murdered Pena, and long after. That woman would ultimately help put him behind bars.”

“Before all this, she played another significant role in his life. She was his wife and mother of his child.

Jaime Osuna Family

“Nature versus Nurture. From armchair true crime enthusiasts to leading psychology experts, the debate has raged for centuries… Which makes a person commit heinous acts of violence? Reporter Olivia LaVoice spent months tracking down Jamie Osuna’s family members to help her find the answer to that question and found far more than she ever expected.

Jaime Osuna Interview

“In 2017, a rookie reporter sent a jailhouse interview request to a man accused of murder. She expected the usual “No” reply. Instead, the reply was a yes. It would be the first in a series of shocking responses that rookie reporters would get from Jamie Osuna.”

“This is the last time Jamie Osuna has talked to the press, and the first time portions of the interview have ever been shared with the public.”

Jaime Osuna Necklace

“Jamie Osuna is once again at the center of a horrifying murder. This time, he was found in his cell, along with the decapitated, mutilated, body of his cellmate. The inmate had been in the cell with Osuna for 24 hours when the carnage took place. Why was Osuna given a cellmate?”

“And how did something so brutal happen inside the highest security level of the prison?

Jaime Osuna Netflix

The Man with a Thousand Faces is a six-part limited series premiering Sunday, October 27.

Jaime Osuna Yvette Pena

Romero had spent 27 years in prison and was nearing parole eligibility at the time of his death. He was placed in the cell with Osuna after arriving from Mule Creek State Prison. He was reportedly convicted of second-degree murder after fatally shooting a woman in Compton as a teenager.

On the other hand, Osuna was serving a life sentence for the torture and murder of Yvette Pena, 37, at a Bakersfield motel in 2011.

Osuna became a dark figure during his 2017 trial, with face tattoos and Charles Manson-Esque satanic antics. At the time, he mocked the victim’s family and bragged to a reporter how he loved torturing people. According to KTLA, he had never had a cellmate until Romero. Osuna was transferred to Salinas Valley State Prison’s psychiatric inpatient program after being diagnosed with unspecified schizophrenia spectrum and antisocial personality disorder.

A judge has ruled that Osuna is not mentally fit to stand trial for Romero’s death. 

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