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Is Arizona Capitol Protestor Arrested: Jacob Chansey Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Jacob Chansey Biography — Wiki

Jacob Chansey, whose real name is Jake Angeli, is identified as the heavily-tattooed Trump supporter who sported horns, a fur hat and face paint and occupied the Senate dais moments after Vice President Mike Pence delivered his rebuke to Donald Trump. He has been revealed to be an Arizona-based QAnon believer who used to promote himself as a singer and actor.

He’s posted as a person of interest by Metropolitan Police in Washington, D.C. following Wednesday’s breach.

Jacob Chansey Age

Jacob Chansey, from Phoenix, is also known as QAnon Shaman. He is 32 years old.

Jacob Chansey: The story behind the horned Arizona protester

12 News spoke with him over the phone Thursday morning when he stated he was the horned protester at the Capitol. One of his tattoos is said to show the symbol of Wotanism, an acronym for ‘Will of the Aryan Nation.’

Dr. Adam Rutherford tweeted: ‘I know this jamiroquoi wannabe muthaf***a is kinda funny but his tattoo is the symbol of Wotanism, which is a Nazi/Odin occult that believes Jews control the government, the Holocaust is exaggerated and champions the 14/88 slogan. He’s a real card-carrying Nazi.’

Chansey was at the front of a group of agitators who broke into the Capitol and faced off with DC police who desperately tried in vain to protect the establishment. He then made his way into the Senate chamber where he was seen shouting and posing for photos.

Chansey flexed his left arm as he stood behind the dais in the Senate chamber where just moments earlier Vice President Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi had stood.

He was flanked by an American flag and his fellow rioters took photos of him on their smartphones.

What we know so far about Jacob Chansey

The ‘Qanon Shaman’ was also seen screaming in the chamber and clutching a megaphone.

Chansey has become a prominent figure at pro-Trump rallies, always sporting his signature outfit of fur, horns, face paint and bare chest, where he has spouted off about QAnon conspiracy theories.

Most recently he has been active at Arizona rallies calling for the results of the presidential election to be overturned after Trump has refused to concede and pushed unfounded claims of voter fraud ever since he lost to Joe Biden.

At a pro-Trump rally at the Arizona State Capitol in February, he held aloft a banner reading ‘Q Sent Me’ in reference to QAnon.

He was also seen at reopening Arizona rallies protesting against lockdowns put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19. In one photo posted on his Facebook account in November, where he calls himself Yellowstone Wolf, Chansey is seen shaking hands with Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney – who hours before the violence kicked off encouraged supporters to pursue a ‘trial by combat’.

He has also posted about numerous conspiracy theories including a video claiming there is a ‘globalist plot for world domination thru the pandemic & its numerous different agendas’.

Chansey has previously admitted his belief in QAnon started after reading conspiracy theories on the internet.

‘At a certain point, it all clicked in a way,’ he said in an interview in February, reported AZCentral.

‘Oh, my God. I see now the reality of what’s going on.’

QAnon is the debunked extreme right-wing conspiracy theory that claims Satan-worshipping pedophiles are plotting against Trump and are running a global child sex trafficking ring.

An undated profile for Chansey on shows the 32-year-old was a singer, screenwriter and actor.

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