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Capitol Rioter Disrupting Gov. Business: Jack Jesse Griffith Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Jack Jesse Griffith Biography — Wiki

Jack Jesse Griffith, who also uses the name Juan Bibiano on Facebook and the “Liberty Dragon” account on Twitter, was arrested on Saturday in connection to his alleged involvement in the January 6 riot at the Capitol.

According to charging documents from the Department of Justice, Griffith has been identified through incriminating social media posts obtained by the FBI which appear to show Griffith celebrating the breach while inside the Capitol Crypt–the columned, circular space one floor below the Rotunda.

Jack Jesse Griffith Age

Jack Jesse Griffith’s age has not been publicly announced yet.

Jack Jesse Griffith arrested in connection to the Capitol riot

Jack Jesse Griffith Facebook

In a Facebook post, Juan Bibiano, aka Griffith, appears to be wearing a red MAGA hat, clear glasses, a blue jacket, two distinctive light-colored necklaces and is holding a closed fist in the air while standing in the Crypt.

“I hate to be that guy, but The New World Order beat us,” another post reads, according to the FBI. “Trump was our greatest champion, and it still wasn’t enough. He tried his very best. He did so much, but he’s one man. Now, the democrats will endlessly investigate and come up with some phony charge to arrest him. Imagine watching our HERO escorted out in cuffs.”

“I even helped stormed [sic] the capitol today, but it only made things worse,” Bibiano adds.

Law enforcement also identified a permalink in a Google search containing text stating, “All going to D.C. THE CAVALRY IS COMING!!!!”

Griffith also references Matthew Bledsoe, a Memphis man who has also been charged for his alleged involvement in the siege, writing “Follow my bro I just met @theessentialmattbledsoe #WildProtest #washingtondc #MAGA”

Jack Jesse Griffith Twitter

In addition, Griffith is seen wearing the same distinctive necklaces in the profile picture for the “Liberty Dragon” Twitter account.

What we know so far about Jack Jesse Griffith

His identity was corroborated by authorities after the social media photos were compared to his Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles photograph. Griffith is charged with entering a restricted building and disrupting government business.

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