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What You Don’t Know About Wall Street Financier: Howard Rubin Biography Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Howard Rubin
Howard Rubin

Who is Howard Rubin?

Howard Rubin is a top-level financer who was once a household name in Wall Street, known to all as billionaire George Soros’ right-hand man. The high-earning money manager for Soros Fund was known for his luxury estates as well as philanthropic endeavors. However, the Wall Street financier had an unknown side to himself — where he committed severe sexual assault on women in a secret sex dungeon at his home.

Rubin, who is 66-year-old at present, has been accused of violence and sexual assault on multiple women,  including Playboy playmates. He is being sued by the victims in a civil trial with at least six of them seeking $18 million.

How old is Howard Rubin?

Howard Rubin is 66 years old as of the year 2021.

Howard Rubin Wikipedia

Rubin is originally a native of Massachusetts, held a graduate degree in chemical engineering from Lafayette College. His father was an analytical researcher for Polaroid in Cambridge.

After graduating college, Rubin had a brief stint at a Vegas card counter where he turned $3,000 into $80,000 in two years. He then pursued an MBA from Harvard and joined Wall Street in 1983, as an employee of Salomon Brothers. Within his first two years at the firm, he earned $55 million.

Howard Rubin Wife, Children

In the meantime, he married financial advisor Mary Henry in 1985 with whom he now shares three children.

Henry filed a divorce against Rubin on July 7, after 36 years of marriage.

Amy Moore Howard Rubin

The first accusations against Rubin surfaced in November 2017 when Playboy playmates Mia Lytell and Amy Moore, along with dancer Stephanie Caldwell, leveled allegations of assault, battery, and human trafficking against him.

“In short, they are each alleging that they were brought to New York and taken advantage of. Allegations come down to [the women] saying they were physically and sexually abused,” the women’s attorney John Balestriere told.

Later, four more women joined the lawsuit. While Caldwell dropped out for unknown reasons, another woman by the name of Julie Parker has filed a separate suit against the corporate bigwig.

Rubin allegedly hired women for $5,000 per BDSM session in his dungeon arranged alphabetically.

The women initially believed that Rubin wanted “some mild fetish games and perhaps take photos, neither expected to be restrained in this manner [bound with rope and tape and gagged] or to be actually beaten”.

He even got one of his victims addicted to drugs.

Howard Rubin New York

However, lawyer Edward McDonald stated on behalf of Rubin that “the women signed strict non-disclosure agreements, with penalties of at least $500,000 if broken, and acknowledgment…”

Now, a civil trial on the basis of the lawsuit has been scheduled for November 2021, where the women are seeking justice against Rubin’s actions that severely affected them.

Howard Rubin Net Worth

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