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Biden’s New ASL Interpreter Behind Pro-Trump Group: Heather Mewshaw Biography, Wiki, Age, Education, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Who is Heather Mewshaw?

Heather Mewshaw is best known as President Joe Biden’s new ASL interpreter who is said to be behind a pro-Trump Facebook group that shares right-wing videos spreading false election claims. Mewshaw was introduced Monday by White House press secretary Jen Psaki after the new president’s administration announced it would be adding a sign language interpreter to its daily press briefings.

It was later revealed Mewshaw manages the Hands of Liberty Facebook page, which had been called Right Side ASL before it was deleted by Facebook.

Heather Mewshaw Age

Heather Mewshaw’s age has not been publicly announced yet.

Heather Mewshaw Pro-Trump Facebook Group

Heather Mewshaw has also been pictured in a MAGA hat and signing to videos that include vaccine misinformation and false claims about the 2020 election and the Capitol riots.  One video she signs in is titled: ‘WHAT REALLY HAPPENED On January 6th?’

Another on the Hands of Liberty Facebook group said: ‘Joe Biden is literally and legally not the President-elect.’

On January 20 in a video titled ‘Thank You, President Trump, From the Right Side ASL Team!’ Mewshaw – in a MAGA hat – signs to Trump dancing to YMCA.

Heather Mewshaw Facebook Removed

Right Side ASL’s removal from Facebook was announced in a video in November which featured Heather Mewshaw signing. The post read: ‘Sad News: Our Facebook Page, Right Side ASL Backup, has been flagged for violating community standards and will be taken down at any time.

‘It’s up to Facebook to decide. Not us.’

The Hands of Liberty ASL Facebook page appears to have since been taken down

A disclaimer on the site reads: ‘This isn’t our original video. Hands of Liberty provides, upon request, ASL interpreting accommodations to the Deaf community for inaccessible online video content. This service is provided by volunteers.

Heather Mewshaw Facebook, YouTube

Heather Mewshawe is an original contributor and an administrator for Right Side ASL videos, which are now banned from Facebook and YouTube.

She set up another Facebook page called Hands of Liberty page and posts videos from another conservative, right-wing social media platform,, which Facebook cannot detect the contents she used her skills to interpret the misinformation, conspiracy theories, and plans to overthrow Biden.

Mewshaw could be seen on the White House’s YouTube stream of the press briefing Monday.

Heather Mewshaw Petition

A petition to have Mewshaw removed from her role has since gathered more than 800 signatures.

“The White House announced they include ASL interpreters for daily briefings to show they are inclusive. Out of many ASL interpreters in DC/MD/VA, they unknowingly hired a notorious Trump supporter, Heather Mewshaw, to interpret for the White House briefing, January 22, 2021. The Deaf Community is outraged when they saw her presence”, the page wrote.

“Her actions are unethical and harmful to the Deaf Community at large. Petition to ban her from interpreting the White House again. Like Nyle DiMarco says, “Imagine what harm she could cause.., literally holding the message in her hands.”

Heather Mewshaw Biography, Wiki, Education

Heather Mewshaw provides sign language interpreting services primarily in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

Associate of Arts Degree, General Studies, Anne Arundel Community College, Arnold, Maryland
Bachelors of Science Degree, Corporate Communications, University of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland.

NIC Advanced, CI, CT

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