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What You Don’t Know About Matt James’ Rumored Girlfriend: Heather Martin Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth and More

Heather Martin
Heather Martin

Who is Heather Martin?

Heather Martin is an American assistant program manager at a company called Aethercomm, a California-based company that makes products to be used in combat. She is originally from California but it sounds like Heather might favor living in a warm, sunny locale.

Her contestant bio notes that she’s “a thrill-seeker who enjoys bungee jumping, skydiving, and river-rafting.”

Heather Martin Bachelor

Her Bachelor bio notes that she “has a kitty named Kitty. Heather already has at least one friend in Bachelor Nation. She also shared a photo of herself with Tenley, who’s been on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise in the past.

“So thankful for her and her joyful spirit,” Heather wrote of Tenley in her caption.

Heather says in her Bachelor’s bio that her dream job is to be a food critic. Who knows — maybe the show’s publicity will bring her closer to that goal.

Heather Martin Women Tell All

Heather was in attendance at the Women Tell All special, but she was not filmed, nor did she get any air time, according to People. Fans started wondering why Heather was at the taping but wasn’t part of the show, and speculation about a possible relationship with Matt started to circulate, according to Bustle. Ben and Ashley asked Heather about it, and she sort of admitted that she couldn’t really talk about it — likely because of her contract with ABC.

Heather Martin Hometown

Even though she’s from California, it looks like Heather still appreciates that country twang. She’s attended festivals including the Big Country Bash and Stagecoach, so it looks like she’s got a soft spot for country tunes.


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Heather Martin Age

Born on 27th September 1995, Heather Martin is 25 years old.

Heather Martin Matt James Relationship

Fans were quick to notice that Matt and Heather were both in San Clemente, California, back in early March — on the same day. Although the two weren’t in the same location, they were just a few miles away from one another around the same time, according to their respective Instagram Stories.

This is something that Heather discussed during her interview with Ben and Ashley as well.

Heather also traveled to New York City — Matt’s current hometown — at one point over the past few weeks. And she got some support from Matt’s mom, Patty James, on her new project — but Ben and Ashley didn’t ask her about those apparent coincidences.

While Heather has been open to finding love on the Bachelor franchise, it sounds like she won’t be heading to a tropical location with a bunch of singles this summer. She gave a fairly matter-of-fact response when asked if she’d consider joining the Bachelor in Paradise cast.

“I don’t think that’s the show for me for multiple different reasons,” she told Ben and Ashley, adding “Yeah, I don’t think so.

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