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San Francisco Surfer Dies After Tragic Accident: Haruwn Wesley Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Haruwn Wesley Biography — Wiki

Haruwn Wesley is a former San Francisco surfer and pie shop owner who reportedly died in San Francisco General Hospital Sunday surrounded by his family exactly one week after he suffered a tragic accident near Fort Point in the Presidio. He died after crashing into a rock while riding the trunk near the Golden Gate Bridge.

The fathers of the two were severely injured in the collision and unconsciously fell to the ground, diving under water.

Haruwn Wesley Age

Haruwn Wesley was 64 years old at the time of death.

Haruwn Wesley Death and Cause of Death

Haruwn Wesley, an experienced surfer and owner of popular local bakery Shampa’s Pies, was bodyboarding right after 5:00 pm. On December 13, when he was thrown violently into rocks from a wave, according to a GoFundMe founded by his wife of 20 years, Margaret Coles Wesley.

The fathers of the two were severely injured in the collision and unconsciously fell to the ground, diving underwater. Three surfers rushed to his rescue and dragged Wesley ashore while applying CPR to him. He was taken to the hospital but died of his injuries seven days later on December 20.

The surf community paid tribute to Wesley, who surfed every day and saved at least six people off the California coast over the years.

The tragic accident occurred near Fort Point, next to the Golden Gate Bridge.

What we know so far about Haruwn Wesley

In 2005, he was awarded the Congressional Honor by the US House of Representatives and was recognized as a Hero by the American Red Cross for saving the life of a man whose boat capsized under the Golden Gate Bridge and his life jacket failed.

Margaret to SFGate, Wesley put the man on his back and returned to the shore, but then downplayed his heroic moves.

“He came home a little late the day he was and we were all talking and he came out,” he said.

Yeah, you just go out and save someone and you don’t make that big. Then they made a big deal and he felt awkward. In another incident, Wesley rescued another man battling the waves at Ocean Beach. According to GoFundMe, Wesley was on the shore when he saw people screaming and pointing at the man in the water.

Wesley jumped into action, dived into the heavy surf and swam 50 meters to the man, and rescued him before the Surf Patrol arrived.

‘I asked him once how many he saved and he lost the number 6 or more than 7 and that was years ago’ he said.

Wesley’s surfer friends paid off for the favor that came to the rescue last week – something his family said gave him another seven days to say goodbye. SFGate reported that Hunter Chiles, Andy Olive, and Jack Treacy, an off-duty paramedic, got him out of the water and took life-saving measures until the emergency services arrived.

San Francisco Fire Brigade Lieutenant Jonathan Baxter described his efforts as ‘heroic’.

Jeff Skover, who has surfed with Wesley for decades, said ‘the surf community has emerged’ to save his friends.

Maggie says she wouldn’t go in the ambulance if it wasn’t for the rescue. He said, “He wouldn’t live those last days with his family.”

How well do you know Haruwn Wesley?

Haruwn Wesley was also known in the community for his pie shop, which he founded in 2014 out of his love of cooking, and has since continued to develop a cult-like following.

The store was named after the nickname ‘Shampa’, the mother-in-law of her children, and Wesley’s pies often included her organic sweet potato, lemon chess, fancy pecan nut, chocolate cream, apple pie, and other pies. Growing up in the Haight-Ashbury area of ​​San Francisco, Wesley was also an avid jazz musician and told his wife SFGate that although he never woke up after his accident, they played jazz to him and shook his daughter’s hand while lying down. hospital.

Skover paid tribute to his friend’s constant sense of positivity.

“The only thing everyone says about Haruwn together is that he is probably one of the most positive surfers,” Skover told SFGate.

Wesley surpasses his wife Margaret, his 17-year-old daughter Simone Marie, 21-year-old stepson Cosmo and his three sisters.

The family temporarily closed Shampa’s Pies after the accident and donated 200 pies.

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